The helmet turned out to be a murder weapon

1t, safety helmet, should have been one of the personal protective equipment to protect workers’ head from injury, but why has it become a lethal weapon today? And wait for China labor protection network editor to tell you

when Xiaobian visited the construction site, the security inspector talked about a safety helmet accident. During the break time after lunch, the workers are busy, taking naps, calling friends or family members to talk about home affairs and report their safety. The younger generation of workers are watching TV or chatting with their computers, or playing games with their mobile phones like the protagonists in this article. But who can imagine that this day’s event has made everyone scared and scared

Master Zhang, 23, is the youngest member of dormitory 203. During his nap, he always keeps his mobile phone and his eyes on the screen of his mobile phone. The older teachers are always very kind to him, but he always ignores him. As time goes by, the teachers will not say anything when they see him. As usual, everyone was busy during the nap. Under the influence of the hot weather, everyone was basically sleeping, but master Zhang was still in the game… Xiao Zhang, who was obsessed with the game, didn’t think about the sleeping of his roommates around him. He yelled on his bunk: “N1MA, will you play or not? 1’ll deduct points from you.” it doesn’t matter if you shout one or two words. You can accommodate yourself, But he, with the game on, always scolds people. Master Li of the temporary shop said, “Xiao Zhang, keep your voice down. Everyone sleeps. You can sleep too. You have the spirit to work in the afternoon.” Master Li, who was originally well intentioned, was angry because of his failure. He said, “1 just can’t keep my voice down. No one else says anything. What do you do when you are nosy?” Master Li, who was originally kind enough to persuade him, was even more furious when he saw that his younger generation said so. He took the safety helmet and threw it at Master Zhang. Then master Zhang screamed, and the workers rushed from their beds. The safety helmet hit Master Zhang’s myopia glasses, and the fragments scratched his face, The workers rushed Master Zhang to the hospital near the construction site. The doctor said, “fortunately, 1 didn’t hurt my eyeball, or… But it’s OK. 1t’s estimated that there are several scars on my face at most.” Site security inspectors told me that at the subsequent workers’ meeting, they criticized and punished Master Li and master Zhang respectively

1f a worker’s dispute is small, it shouldn’t hurt people. The safety helmet is used to protect labor safety. We hope that the user can wear it according to the regulations, and should not let it become a “wounding tool” under our anger

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