The hidden danger from the air should wear safety helmet to sweep the platform

“1t’s common to throw cigarette butts, tea leaves and rotten vegetable leaves from upstairs. No, the traces of paint left last year are still there. A few days ago, a stall of ink or pigment was spilled from upstairs…” when it comes to throwing objects at high altitude, Aunt Wang of xibian No.1 high-rise community on Tuanjie middle road in Xi’an is very angry. Since she stayed in the community for six years, it hasn’t stopped

the “private plot” envied by the neighbors has become a garbage hit area

Aunt Wang lives on the second floor of the East unit of the community, with the house facing south and a circle of platforms around the South rectangular balcony. When she first moved in in 2008, her neighbors envied that her family had a “private plot” where she could grow flowers and vegetables. However, since a resident threw garbage from upstairs, Aunt Wang’s platform has become a “disaster area”

the only building in the community has a total of 31 floors. Yesterday morning, from the window in the south of the East unit of the community, from the window on the fourth floor down to the platform on the second floor, a pool of black things went straight down the stream, splashing stains on the walls and inside the platform were everywhere

“1 was cooking in the kitchen at about 5 p.m. last Thursday when 1 heard a thump. When 1 ran to see it, it was all over the place.” Auntie Wang pointed to the black-and-white stains in the platform and said, “at the same time, there was a palm sized tin box. 1 don’t know who threw down the waste paint, and my two windows were all splashed.”

Aunt Wang’s husband, master Yang, said that it was still raining early last Friday (23rd). 1t took them two hours to clean up the two windows and the platform floor outside the window after wearing out eight steel wire balls. Not only that, living in the fourth floor of Ms. Zhao’s home also suffered, not only the balcony window, the window sill and balcony floor stains inside the screen window also splashed everywhere” 1 suspect someone from upstairs threw it down and hit my balcony, then it ran down the window

when 1 dry my quilt on the balcony, 1 can meet the instant noodle bowl that 1 throw down.

when it comes to throwing things at high altitude, Aunt Wang has endless bitter water” Cigarette butts, leftover tea, rotten vegetable leaves and watermelon rind are too common. 1n the year when 1 first moved in, some people threw down smelly grapefruit and moldy bagged rice, all of which fell on my platform. 1 spent money to open a window on the balcony to facilitate the cleaning of the platform. ” Aunt Wang said, “when 1 dry my quilt on the balcony, 1 can even touch the instant noodle bowl thrown down by the soup and ingredients upstairs. Last winter, some paint bottles were thrown down. More than ten days ago, a solid steel column was thrown down

yesterday, on the platform of Aunt Wang’s home, there were traces of splashing white paint, cabbage leaves and cigarette butts. Master Yang took back a solid steel column about 10 cm long and 3 cm in diameter from the window sill” This is also from the upstairs, every three to five 1 have to go to the platform cleaning once, every time 1 have to wear a helmet. Such a high building, is a watermelon skin fall down, hit people can’t stand He said

“last winter, Aunt Wang took photos of the white paint falling down, wrote a reminder and pasted it on the elevator entrance, but it didn’t work.” Ms. Zhao, who lives on the fourth floor, said, “in the past, there were still people playing steel balls, and the police station came to investigate. The staff of the property will also be cleaned on the platform every other period of time, and the garbage will be pulled out in buckets. “

who is responsible for the damage to life and property caused by throwing objects from high altitude

Ms. Zhao’s statement was confirmed by director Luo of xibian property management office. According to Director Luo, they all know the situation reflected by the residents, not only in the East unit, but also in the second floor of the West unit

the property management staff once conducted a door-to-door survey in the West unit, but the residents did not admit that they did it by themselves. Property also can only notice to remind, the outside of the building are also hanging warm signs, but the effect is not good

in view of the behavior of throwing objects at high altitude, the lawyer said that the “tort liability law” clearly stipulates that if the safety of the victim’s life and property is caused, the residents above the floor of the victim may become the parties to the compensation agreement. Unless one of the households can provide evidence to prove that he has not done so, the losses caused to the victims will be borne by the households involved

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