the highest ticket in the province puts “safety helmet” on Enterprises

in order to implement the spirit of the provincial government’s “year of implementing the main responsibility of enterprise safety in production” and the provincial Conference on safety in production of non coal mines, promote standardized and strict law enforcement, and promote the implementation of the main responsibility of enterprise safety in production, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau has organized several rounds of inspection and covert visit supervision activities this year. 1n the first half of this year, 262 enterprises were investigated and fined 10.765 million yuan. 1n the first round of inspection organized by the non coal mine area from April to may, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau found that there were many problems in xiangbizui quarry of Cili County Jinchang company, such as construction and production, and asked Cili County Safety Supervision Bureau to file a case for investigation. According to the “non coal mine area safety supervision manual”, Cili County Safety Supervision Bureau gave a warning, ordered to stop production, confiscated illegal income and fined a total of 502000 yuan

it is understood that this ticket of Jinchang company is the highest amount of single penalty in the province. The company has not completed the infrastructure construction, there are many hidden dangers in the construction site, and it is tantamount to taking risks in the case of no safety acceptance. Once there is a safety problem, the loss can not be estimated by 500000 yuan. Four months later, what is the progress of Jinchang company’s rectification< On August 11, the author came to xiangbizui quarry of Jinchang company, and set up and filled in the safety production management columns such as "safety hazard self inspection and self correction bulletin board" and "hidden danger investigation and treatment cancellation bulletin board" on both sides of the office corridor, Tang Guibing, the safety officer, showed the account and other safety management files of "infrastructure project completion verification and rectification form" after the self inspection and hidden danger treatment. He said that from June, the company began to investigate and rectify the hidden dangers in the quarry and improve the safety protection hardware. Then the author and the safety officer came to a soil slope. On April 18, the provincial safety supervision bureau pointed out that there was no drainage system and there was a risk of landslide. Now, a hardened drainage channel has been built in the area, the transportation road in the mining area, and the protective fence is set under the rock cutting surface at noon, several workers transferred gas cylinders for cutting in the hot sun. Master Li, one of the porters, said to the author, “empty cylinders are transported. Cylinders with gas are stored in a cool area with sun protection to ensure the safety of cylinders.”. He also told the author that since June, the safety officer has to remind the safety operation specification every day before going to work. He also comes to check from time to time during work and organizes a study every few days. 1 feel that the pressure and workload have increased, but 1 feel more at ease when 1 work Wang Hong, the current legal representative of Jinchang company, told me that after receiving the punishment, the main shareholders of the company learned from the bitter experience and fundamentally realized that safety production is the foundation of long-term development. At that time, it was very difficult for the company to raise funds and strictly rectify potential safety hazards. 1t invested nearly 600000 yuan to complete safety management hardware such as 1000 meter long mine drainage ditch, nearly 1 kilometer long mine protection net and 1000 cubic meters of fire pool. 1t will also carry out upgrading of steep slope sections to ensure 100% safety hardware guarantee. At the same time, the company employs excellent safety technology consulting service companies and signs qualified and experienced infrastructure construction units to undertake the construction of mines, which ensures the specialization, standardization and standardization of safety production; 1mprove the safety management system, study and implement the “one order four system” mode of accident hidden danger management assignment system, standing book system, cancellation system and notification system, so as to ensure the safety production management from the source both supervision and service Yu Tao, head of the mine section of Cili County Safety Supervision Bureau, said that the responsibility for safety production is more important than Mount Tai. After the punishment of xiangbizui quarry of Jinchang company, the County Safety Supervision Bureau made an interview with the company’s operators and pointed out the problems in safety management and the serious impact; The professional safety technology consulting company is invited to conduct safety knowledge training, and the staff of mining unit of County Safety Supervision Bureau shall go to the site at least once a month for guidance and service now, xiangbizui quarry of Jinchang company has passed the acceptance of the “safety production license” expert group, and Cili County Safety Supervision Bureau plans to regard it as a demonstration unit of standardized mine management. At the same time, it also plans to hold a site meeting of mine standardization construction in the whole county, so as to promote the standardization of open pit mine construction in the whole county< 1t is reported that in order to earnestly implement the deployment and requirements of the Provincial Work Safety Commission on the in-depth work safety inspection of the whole province and promote the work safety inspection in a down-to-earth way, the Provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau has set up a leading group office for the work safety inspection, which includes four groups: comprehensive coordination, secret visit supervision, publicity and education, and information statistics, To undertake the daily work of the leading group for the major inspection of work safety. Hunan Provincial Bureau of work safety will send seven supervision groups, led by the leaders of the Bureau, to carry out supervision and inspection in various cities and prefectures from time to time, strictly supervise and supervise the work, and promote the effective implementation of the work; All relevant business departments will also work out the plan of open and covert investigation during the inspection period, continue to carry out open and covert investigation, focus on checking problems and promoting rectification, focus on the areas with heavy safety production tasks and frequent accidents, key industries and high-risk enterprises, and track and review the closed and banned enterprises

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