The hospital tried to see a doctor first and pay later, and no one evaded the bill in January

4400 people participated in the trial of Guangzhou Panyu Maria hospital, and the score of over six adults was above 90 points

when they went to the hospital, they usually went to see a doctor first, then paid the fee, and then took the medicine. However, since May 1, Guangzhou Panyu Maria hospital has tried to break this inherent medical service mode, and patients are free to pay according to their actual satisfaction. 1n recent months, 4400 patients participated in this model, and none of them evaded the payment

“since the implementation of one month, there has not been any expected evasion of orders, which makes us both surprised and gratified.” Yesterday, Shao Keli, President of the hospital, said that before the trial, the hospital was psychologically prepared, and there might be the phenomenon of evading orders or getting discounts with low scores. “1n fact, patients are trustworthy.” Shao Keli said that since the implementation on May 1, there have been more than 4400 outpatients, 61.1% of them scored above 90, 37.8% scored 80-90, and only a small part scored below 80

What are the changes in the hospital’s income after the introduction of such a model? Shao Keli said that the total cost of 4400 patients’ medical treatment was 1.9 million yuan, and the patients’ self pricing loss was 270000 yuan, accounting for 14%, “these losses are within the range we can bear.” Shao Keli said

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