The importance of climbing safety belt to climbers

in the early stage of mountaineering, there is no safety belt. Climbers tie the rope around their waist, and the protector also increases the friction between their waist to protect them. However, the disadvantage of this method is obvious. The rib will have severe pain due to the increase of stress, and the pain will not end at the end of the climb, but will last for a period of time after the end of the climb. But what’s worse is that if there’s a crash during the climb, the consequences can be fatal. The impact force reaches 3.7kn, which only belongs to a moderate strength impact. However, as long as this kind of impact occurs, the climber will lose consciousness or even die after a few minutes due to the huge pulling force on his waist. Therefore, there are two ultimate goals in the design of safety: to bear the impact force and to disperse the tension

nowadays, climbers will use safety belt to climb, and safety belt has become an indispensable thing in climbing. General safety belts include the following designs: thickened and widened waist pad, leg ring, protection ring and equipment ring. With these designs, it will be more comfortable and safe whether it is descending, crashing or hanging on the rock wall for other operations. Now seat belts have been refined: specifically for competitive climbing, rock climbing or mountaineering, but a really good seat belt will cover these needs

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