The importance of enterprise safety culture construction

1n many factors of safety production, safety culture is in the core position, which dominates the safety system, safety education, safety measures and other safety factors, and determines whether safety production can be really well done

enterprise safety culture refers to the culture created by enterprises for safety production. 1t is the sum of safety values and safety code of conduct. 1t is also the sum of people’s attitude towards safety and safety awareness methods. 1t is embodied in the attitude, thinking and behavior of each individual, unit and group towards safety. 1ts manifestation includes safety civilization, production environment and order, sound safety management system and construction of safety production rules and regulations. 1t is precipitated in employees’ safety awareness, safety knowledge, safety skills, adaptability to safety emergency, understanding of safety system, implementation of safety laws and regulations, safety thinking mode, safety code of conduct, safety ethics, safety management system and so on Safety values and group effect of safety

the constraints of safety management system on safety work are only external and passive, while the role of safety culture is internal and active, which has incomparable advantages compared with other constraints. The cohesion, standardization, radiation and other functions of enterprise safety culture will directly promote the whole enterprise

in the process of building enterprise safety culture, the permeability of culture will be shown in different ways and become the intermediate element of cohesion of employees. 1t will directly or indirectly guide employees to closely integrate the safety image, safety objectives and safety benefits of the enterprise with employees’ personal future and family interests, so as to make them understand safety, improve safety management and improve safety management Pursue and grasp the ultimate goal with the enterprise to achieve as much as possible tend to be consistent. Through the accumulation of little things and the infiltration of cultural elements, the enterprise safety culture makes the employees unconsciously produce a kind of independent restraint tendency and potential criteria. When this kind of restraint and criteria are generally recognized by most people, it marks that the enterprise employees’ safety production consciousness of “safety first” has been deeply rooted

a good enterprise safety culture will not only make the enterprise’s safety environment in a relatively stable state for a long time, but also reduce the possibility of causing safety accidents and injuries to the minimum. More importantly, through the establishment of enterprise safety culture, the ideological quality, professionalism and professional skills of employees can be improved to varying degrees, At the same time, it will also promote the balanced development of the operation and management, scientific and technological innovation, structural adjustment and other central work in line with the safety management, which will play a great role in establishing the brand image and enhancing the comprehensive strength of the enterprise

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