The importance of foot protection and how to choose safety shoes

Moving and supporting the weight of the human body are two important functions of the foot. However, the foot is the most vulnerable and often overlooked part. With the enhancement of people’s awareness of labor protection and self-protection, the protection of feet is gradually recognized by people

it is reported that slipping and falling are the main causes of industrial accidents in the UK, and about 17% of the disability is caused by them. The total number of accidents is as high as 180000 every year. At the same time, they are also the second cause of death in the workplace, accounting for about 13%. The total number of accidents is 1037 every year. Therefore, we should pay enough attention to it

the wearing range of safety shoes and boots

generally speaking, the staff in the following environment must wear safety shoes and boots: in the environment, the falling and rolling objects may pierce into the foot floor, or be exposed to electromagnetic field; When carrying heavy objects that may fall (such as luggage, heavy tools, etc.), safety shoes with impact or impact protection function must be worn; Some sharp objects, such as nails, screws, metal sharp rings for cymbals, may be encountered in the work; 1n the working environment, there are often some heavy objects that are easy to roll on the ground (they may roll over the feet), so it is required to wear anti compression shoes and boots; For the special occupation of electric power workers, special types of conductive or insulating shoes must be used

classification of foot injuries

in work, foot injuries can be classified into the following types: impact, impact – heavy or sharp objects falling on the foot may cause foot injury or puncture, and bone fracture may occur when they collide with rigid objects. Slipping – walking on the floor with oil, water or chemical substances may lead to imbalance of human body. For this kind of problem, the following preventive measures can be taken: keep the floor dry, clean the floor after oil, chemical substances, etc; The cushion is placed on the floor to improve the comfort and reduce the danger at the same time; 1mprove attention; Wear antiskid safety shoes and boots

of course, the most important thing is to wear anti-skid safety shoes and boots. According to experts’ estimation, only wearing anti-skid shoes and boots can reduce the probability of accidents by half and save costs

electric shock – accidental contact with electricity will lead to electric shock, burn, tremor or electric shock. Wearing special conductive shoes and boots can prevent this kind of problem

injury caused by extreme temperature – feet may be burned or frostbitten in extremely hot or cold working environment. So you have to wear special shoes

requirements of protective shoes and boots

different types of protective shoes and boots have different functions, but the basic requirements are the same. 1n order to provide effective protective functions and encourage wearing, the following requirements must be met: meet or exceed the use requirements of industry and national standards, and have good protective functions; Comfortable to wear; cheapness. Of course, easy to buy, appearance and style are also the main factors that affect its wear and popularity, but safety and protection are the first

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