The importance of hotel gas mask

Hotel gas mask, also known as escape respirator and smoke mask, belongs to the category of personal respiratory protective equipment. 1t is only used to escape from places with dangerous gas. 1t is widely used in hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, electric power, petroleum industry, public entertainment places and other fields, and the escape masks are spare protective equipment

the escape respirator is different from the general gas mask. 1t is mainly used to prevent the invasion of the related toxic gases produced by the fire, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen ammonia and other toxic gases. The general gas mask mainly protects against organic vapor, acid gas, ammonia and other harmful gases. This is to remind you that gas masks should not be confused with escape respirators. 1n case of fire, emergency escape is only applicable to the use of escape respirators. 1f you wear gas masks, you will die due to carbon monoxide suffocation

the respirator is composed of body, filter box, breathing valve and tie. 1t is required that the design conforms to Asian face shape, safe and comfortable to wear, the product is light and easy to carry, and has good air permeability under the condition of effective filtration

in case of fire, the escaping person only needs to open the packaging box to take out the escape respirator, then pull out the front and rear sealing plates of the reminder rope in the packaging box, finally put the respirator into the head, and immediately open the box cover along the direction of the well opening sign of the packaging box. Tighten your headband and get out of the fire

according to the latest regulations of Liaoning Province on fire protection, every guest room of a high-rise hotel with a building height of more than 24 meters should be equipped with an escape respirator. The escape respirators in hotels are generally stored in the shoe cabinet under the wardrobe or bedside table, and some hotels are placed in the quilt storage grid. The outer package of the escape respirator is sealed, and there is a method of use on the package, which is simple and easy to understand. Generally, when using the mask, wear it from the chin upward, and then adjust the headband appropriately. After wearing the mask, block the air inlet of the gas filter box with the palm of the hand and inhale hard. 1f the mask is close to the face without air leakage, the surface mask is airtight and can enter the dangerous drug-related area. The mask is composed of a mask and a filter tank (or filter element), which can effectively prevent toxic gas and dust from damaging human body. The anti-virus time is more than 30 minutes

protection performance of escape respirator:

1. Protection time: more than 30 minutes

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