the importance of uniform clothing for enterprises

A good work uniform is an important part of promoting the brand all over China and even the world” For many international large enterprises have designed work uniform design master said. He also commented that in recent years, with the enhancement of brand awareness, Chinese enterprises have paid more attention to work uniforms than ever before. He believes that in the future, more and more Chinese enterprises will dig out the most beautiful and refined elements in their own genes and present them in work uniforms, “making the future of work uniforms infinitely possible

more and more professional clothing customization enterprises have realized that novel and unique work uniforms can not only give people a good visual experience, but also help enterprises enhance brand competitiveness and gather popularity

although many hotels, restaurants and specialty stores have uniform work clothes made to order, their colors are monotonous, serious and lack of personality. And the characteristic work uniform, such as Chanel counter, Hyatt Hotel and other places of the staff work uniform custom-made, at a glance let people remember, 1 think it helps to enhance the enterprise’s brand image, but also can help enterprises to accumulate popularity” Chen Yong, a media person, said so

in this part, we focus on the work uniform elements of the fashion industry. Although the work uniform is strict and serious, the fashion industry, which has always been naughty, is good at using the post-modern methods such as misappropriation, borrowing and even parody to fashion the elements of work uniform. Maybe even we don’t realize that many of the clothes we wear today are full of traces of old work uniforms

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