The important application of labor protection articles in laboratory work

1n August last year, the reporter was invited to participate in the second meeting of xinqiaolian jointly held by Shandong Huijin group and Aksu Nobel (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd., and also had the honor to visit the testing center of Aksu Nobel (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd., which is still fresh in my memory, 1n addition to AkzoNobel’s professional and meticulous workflow as one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, AkzoNobel’s deep concern and thoughtful protection for employees’ work safety

as soon as we entered the laboratory, the visitors were divided into two groups. The staff asked us to put on protective clothing, safety shoes and goggles. Xiong Rong of the R & D center explained that static electricity will be generated in the laboratory, and the volatilization of some gases may also damage our eyes, so please cooperate with us to do all kinds of protection

according to Mr. Xiong Rong, the laboratory usually does not accept outside visits, so please take photos outside the laboratory. 1n addition, the mobile phone must be turned off. Because it is a working day, most of the laboratory staff are on their posts. The safety signs and slogans can be seen everywhere, and the clean and tidy working environment. This company takes the safety and happy work of employees as the standard, which makes us all feel deeply

some of our colleagues are curious about a shower like device in the bathroom in the corner, because there are several similar devices outside each laboratory. Mr. Xiong Rong told us that it was an emergency shower. 1n the experiment, if harmful liquid splashes on the body, this equipment can be used for cleaning to reduce the damage caused by chemicals

an ordinary visit made me realize that in my daily life, in order to really achieve safety in production and work, 1 have to make the occupational protection so meticulous. From the ventilation of the working environment to the warm reminder beside every device, not to mention the protective equipment in all aspects. The safety protection of R & D center of AkzoNobel (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. can be regarded as a model(

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laboratory safety equipment and personal protection

1. Class 11 or above biosafety cabinets must be installed in the laboratory< All operations involving infectious materials should be carried out in the biosafety cabinet. When this kind of operation has to be carried out outside the biosafety cabinet, the comprehensive protection measures of personal protection and the use of physical suppression equipment must be adopted 3. Personal protective equipment must be used when conducting infectious tissue culture and operation that may produce infectious aerosol 4. When aerosol can not be safely and effectively limited to a certain range, respiratory protection device should be used 5. Before entering the working area of the laboratory, the staff should wear open back work clothes or other protective clothing in the special changing room (or buffer room). After work, you must take off your work clothes. You are not allowed to wear work clothes to leave the laboratory. Reusable work clothes must be disinfected before cleaning 6. Wear gloves when working (two pairs are appropriate). Disposable gloves must be disinfected before being discarded 7. The laboratory must be equipped with effective disinfectant, eye cleaning agent or normal saline, and easy to use. Emergency medicine can be provided copyright notice: This is the original article of the website reporter. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source

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