the inventory turnover rate of first aid kits in Songtao power supply bureau reached 131.64%

The author learned from the material Department of Songtao power supply bureau that up to now, the accuracy rate of the material demand plan of the Bureau in 2017 has reached 99%, and the semi annual index of the inventory turnover rate of first-aid kits in each power supply station has reached 131.64%

in recent years, the material distribution center has organized the equipment department and the marketing department to jointly prepare the material reserve plan for 2017, and do a good job in reviewing and reporting the material reserve quota and demand plan. Actively cooperate with the infrastructure department and keep in touch with the suppliers, urge the grid construction materials to be in place in time, and send special personnel to the manufacturers for communication and consultation for some suppliers who can not supply in time, so as to ensure the reserve of grid construction materials. At the same time, we should further standardize the management of reserve materials, check the inventory materials regularly, so as to improve the turnover rate of inventory materials; Actively coordinate and arrange the timely allocation and use of inventory materials, reduce the cost of inventory materials occupying enterprise funds, and promote the improvement of “excellence” key indicators< According to statistics, two contracts and 183 material demand plans were signed through the material system process this year; 83 batches of grid construction project materials were received and 62 batches of reserve materials were put into storage; 139 transformers and 2411 electric energy meters were applied for scrapping; 1157 cross arms and 10668 kg of ACSR. The economic benefits have been brought into full play

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