The key point is to keep the safety rope away from moisture

Safety rope is the “talisman” to protect the personal safety of employees. 1f we do not pay attention to the safety rope during the “rest” period, unexpected accidents may occur

in order to make the safety rope really play the role of ensuring safety, it is necessary to pay attention to the safekeeping of the safety rope, especially the moisture-proof work. Because it is difficult to see the problem on the surface of the damp safety rope, but its toughness to bear heavy load has been greatly reduced, which greatly reduces the protection of personal safety

when the safety rope is not in use, it is necessary to strengthen the storage during the storage period, and try to put it on the tool rack with a certain height from the ground and good ventilation to avoid moisture. At the same time, it is necessary to establish a safety rope use and storage system, and assign special personnel to be responsible for the management

buy safety ropes from regular manufacturers. 1f it has not been used for a long time, the safety rope should be used to lift heavy objects for tensile test before reuse, so as to check whether the tenacity of heavy objects can meet the use requirements

during the use period, pay attention to prevent rain and water immersion, and do not throw, throw or leave at will after work. 1n case of rain, water or moisture, hang it in a ventilated place or in the sun in time

in order to make the safety rope really play a role in protecting the personal safety of employees in the process of use, the moisture-proof work can not be ignored

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