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Labor protection clothing refers to the clothing that workers wear to protect themselves from harm. 1n short, labor protection clothing is the clothing with protective function. The biggest difference between it and ordinary clothes is that ordinary clothes are worn for the purpose of covering the body and beauty, and the most important function of labor protection clothes is protection under these premises, which plays a role of safety protection for your body in special work occasions. The factors that cause physical injury to workers in the process of work are unpredictable. High temperature operation, electromagnetic radiation, chemical agents, electrostatic hazards and low temperature operation, working in these environments, the body is inevitably damaged. Because of this, it is particularly important for workers to improve their awareness of protection. According to the different workplace, labor protection service can be divided into many kinds. Personal protective clothing used in high temperature and high heat places include flame retardant clothing, heat insulation clothing, fire-fighting clothing, fire-fighting clothing and welding clothing. The fabric of the work clothes has small thermal conductivity and is not flammable. 1t is used for anti radiation clothing, dust-proof clothing, anti-virus clothing, anti-static clothing, acid and alkali resistant clothing and so on. The style structure, color configuration and material selection of labor protection clothing are designed around the function of protection, which is also the characteristics of labor protection clothing different from other clothing. 1n the design process of labor protection clothing, its safety and protection function is put in the first place, and the clothing comfort should also be considered, so that the binding force of clothing on the human body is reduced to the minimum. 1n the real work, it has not attracted enough attention for workers to wear labor protection clothes in the workplace. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Some workers feel that wearing labor protection clothing is cumbersome and cumbersome, especially in summer when the weather is hot. 1t’s not as comfortable as wearing plain clothes to work. Some workers don’t know enough about the protective function of labor protection clothing. They think it’s just a sign of an industry, and it doesn’t matter whether they wear it or not. Just six days ago, an accident occurred at Minxiong substation in Jiayi County of Taipower today. When workers of Taipower accidentally let go of their hands during the directional test of high-voltage substation, the cable fell to the ground and produced electric arc. Six workers were burned and sent to hospital on the spot, and one was in danger of life. The four men who were sent to hospital were burned in 10%, 40%, 50% and 60% of the body respectively. At that time, six workers were carrying out the opposite test of high-voltage substation in front of the high-voltage substation box. During the test, the cable fell to the ground and produced an arc. The instant hot spark spread outward. Six workers could not dodge and suffered from varying degrees of burns. 1f the six workers were wearing anti-static clothing at work, they would not have been burned by the electric arc generated by static electricity, and such an accident would not have happened. Selina and Yu Haoming, female singers from Taiwan, China, were accidentally burned in the TV series “1 have a date with spring” in Shanghai due to a blasting play. Selina’s back and limbs were burned three times, with a burn area of 50%. 1t is reported that Yu Haoming’s burn area reached 35%. 1f the director could have realized the possible danger of the explosion play and prepared protective clothing for the actors, Selina and Yu Haoming could have realized the harm the play brought to them, and they could have put on protective clothing, the tragedy would not have happened. Disasters always happen by accident, which we can’t and can’t predict. But we can always be ready to remind ourselves of what kind of potential safety hazards are in where and what we should do to protect ourselves from harm

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