The labor insurance workers will organize a group to Qingdao in October to do a big thing!

Qingdao in October is like the magic city in April, and the trade fair is very popular! The 95th China Labor Protection Products Fair will be officially opened from October 22 to 26 as scheduled, attracting a large number of labor insurance companies to the exhibition site

the member units of Zhejiang safety and health protection products 1ndustry Association participated in the fair with proud products and quality

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– the 95th China Labor Protection Articles Fair

exhibition date: October 22-26, 2017

exhibition venue: No.1, No.2 and No.4 pavilions of Qingdao 1nternational Convention and Exhibition Center, No.33 xianxialing Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao

exhibition products of member enterprises: safety helmet and safety shoes; PVC, impregnated gloves, Pu impregnated gloves, anti-static gloves, anti cutting gloves, nitrile oil resistant gloves; Masks (gas masks, dust masks), glasses, earmuffs, goggles; Anti shock glasses, welding glasses, anti shock goggles, anti shock mask, self-priming filter gas mask Self priming filter anti particulate respirator, etc.

booth distribution of member enterprises of Zhejiang safety and health protection products industry association Zhejiang Huangyan Jintai labor protection products factory ate122 hall Hangzhou Lantian 1ndustrial Labor protection products factory be172 hall Taizhou Guotai safety protection products Co., Ltd. bd032 hall Taizhou Weimin labor protection products Co., Ltd. be032 hall Taizhou Huangyan Chunlei labor protection products factory bf022 Hall Shanghai name1 Shoes Co., Ltd. ba082 hall Taicang Qihua needle No.bh092 Museum of Textile Co., Ltd., bg112 Museum of Taizhou Luqiao Deyu labor protection products Co., Ltd., bc072 Museum of Taizhou Luqiao innovative glasses Co., Ltd., bc054 Museum of Beijing Shengbao Hengtai Safety Technology Co., Ltd., cc09-10

business products

name of participating company


Wenzhou Xumei Technology Co., Ltd All protective shoes

PVC impregnated gloves of Zhejiang Dongya gloves Co., Ltd.

Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

Key words: Qingdao labor insurance group

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Hot recommendation


[world quality – made in Zhejiang] Xumei Technology: scientific innovation leads the development of the industry

disruptive innovation: decipher the birth road of disposable antibacterial PVC gloves

Wenzhou Xumei products are awarded the “product” standard certificate, creating a gold card of Zhejiang manufacturing

New Year address of China labor insurance network 2021- Zhi – yuan

exclusive: top ten keywords of PPE industry in 2020

strengthen industry confidence: the sixth activity of Zhejiang labor protection products industry expert group was successfully held

People interview


Novel coronavirus pneumonia chairman Lin Jinxiang was awarded the “national advanced champion of the new private sector of the pneumonia epidemic”

Jiangsu Guojian continental ice: new idea of third party detection

Exclusive interview: Chen Sihua, general manager of Jingzhou Sichuang Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Zhuo Rui safety Zhai Fujun: in the post epidemic era, sticking to the original intention can make the flowers blossom

Zhang Lijun of China Tibei: positioning Chinese masks higher than European and American standards

Shanghai Aoxiang Wang Huajie: present a safe, healthy and beautiful gift to the most lovely person: laborer

Youmeng AP Zou Nuanchun: provide professional and comprehensive protection for welding workers

Li Hui, general manager of Linyi xinminghui: be a different self

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interviews with people

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Association Chamber of Commerce

introduction of the association

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detection knowledge

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