The lack of work fatigue and standard operation of protective devices can prevent the machine from “cannibalism”

1n recent years, many mechanical injury accidents occurred in the production and processing units of our city. Among them, many mechanical injury accidents are caused by the direct operation or maintenance of mechanical equipment when the mechanical equipment is not shut down, resulting in limb involved in the machine, amputation, finger amputation and other painful consequences, causing serious physical and psychological injury to the employees

in order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of such accidents, the safety supervision department reminds relevant owners and employees to pay attention to mechanical safety

stop the machine first and then operate it

a few years ago, long, a feeder of a quarry in Suxi, entered the front jaw plate of the crusher to clean up the mud at the discharge port without shutting down the crusher. As a result, his head was hit by an iron block on the rotating pulley, and his helmet was broken on the site. He was sent to the hospital and died after rescue

after the investigation, it was found that no obvious safety warning signs were set at the crusher with large risk factors in this quarry, and the belt pulley protection device of this crusher was incomplete

in this regard, the safety supervision department clearly stated that the transmission and rotation parts of mechanical equipment should be equipped with protective devices, and obvious safety warning signs should be set at the crusher with large risk factors; At the same time, all production and business units should strengthen the safety training and education for employees, and truthfully inform the employees of the risk factors and preventive measures in the workplace and work posts

the operation procedures should be improved

once, Peng, the workshop leader of a leather manufacturing company in our city, was involved in the cooling drum of the production line (the gap between the two drums was 4.2cm), and his head was seriously squeezed. After he was sent to the hospital, he died

after the investigation, it was found that the enterprise did not set up obvious safety warning signs on the relevant facilities and equipment of the production site with large risk factors, the safety operation procedures of the production line were not perfect, and the safety education and training of the enterprise were not in place, resulting in the weak safety awareness of the employees

it can be said that the situation of this case is similar to that of the previous case. 1n addition to improving the operating procedures, the daily three-level education, job transfer and return to work education of employees are essential

mechanical operation should be especially careful with hands

some people in the industry believe that because hands are in the most frequent contact with machinery in labor, the most harmful part of the human body is hands

in case of hand injury by machinery, first aid must be given at the first time. 1n case of severed hand or finger, the wound should be bandaged for hemostasis and pain relief, and half clenched functional fixation should be carried out. The severed hands and fingers should be wrapped with disinfection or cleaning dressings. The severed fingers should not be immersed in alcohol and other disinfectants to prevent cell deterioration. At the same time, put the wrapped broken hand and finger in a leakless plastic bag, tie the mouth of the bag tightly, and put some ice around the bag (or use ice stick instead), and then send the injured person to the hospital for rescue< 1t is worth mentioning that in addition to ensuring the safe operation of the machine itself, the operator should pay special attention to the safe operation before operation, the operator must be familiar with the contents of safety operation procedures, and dress neatly. The neckline, cuffs and hem of the clothes should be tight. The operator should wear work shoes and work hat, and the long hair should be rolled up and put into the hat. Before starting the machine, check whether the safety device is complete and abnormal again; After the machine starts, it is necessary to check whether the safety device is complete and whether there is any abnormality, and then start the processing work during the operation of the machine, the operator shall not leave the post without authorization. 1n addition to Strictly Standardizing the operation, he shall also pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and shall not fight fatigue war. 1t is also very important not to remove the safety device or set it in an invalid state in order to speed up the processing. At the same time, we should not use the relevant tools instead of hand for convenience. After the machine is turned off, it should be cleaned in time our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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