The largest tailoring center of clothing, shoes and hats in North China settled in Zhaogongkou

with a business area of more than 30000 square meters, the “cabbage price” of clothing wholesale is 20% lower than that of similar markets. Yesterday, the “hand in hand tail goods wholesale city” jointly provided by more than 3000 domestic foreign trade processing plants and more than 5000 tail goods wholesalers announced its entry into Muxiyuan business circle. After its opening on April 10, it will become the largest tail goods wholesale center in North China, and will monopolize 80% of the tail goods wholesale market in North China

it is understood that Muxiyuan clothing wholesale business circle has more than 24 comprehensive markets such as clothing, textiles, shoes and hats, with an annual total transaction volume of more than 30 billion yuan. Hand in hand, the tail goods wholesale city has entered Muxiyuan business district, marking that all the clothing wholesale formats in the business district have come together

hand in hand, the tail goods wholesale city is opposite Zhaogongkou coach station. Zhang Qingguo, the person in charge of the wholesale city, said that 100% of the merchants in the shopping malls are composed of tailstock merchants and inventory manufacturers. They are mainly engaged in tailstock of foreign trade, brand discounts, manufacturers’ inventory, and clothes, shoes and hats removed from the shelves in the shopping malls after the season. The retail price and wholesale price will be 20% lower than that of the similar market because of the large amount of tail goods and the large supply of goods. “At present, more than 95% of the first floor and second floor investment has been completed.”

the reporter also learned that “hand in hand tail goods wholesale city” has set a high threshold for entry, including: it must be a tail goods merchant who has been engaged in tail goods business for more than two years and has sufficient supply of goods; Agent of long-term supply for large garment processing enterprises; Clothing brand agent manufacturers” Even those who meet the above conditions will have to go through the audit of tailstock merchants alliance before they can enter, “said Zhang Qingguo, head of the wholesale city. Those who have less than 50000 units in stock, higher wholesale prices than similar markets, and no tailstock business experience will be rejected

in the past two years, Beijing’s tail goods market has “flourished” to 15, but most of them have the problems of short planning time, stagnant development, lack of supply and information, coupled with poor management and other reasons, leading to uneven development” There are only two or three tailing markets with good business, but the number of tailing merchants is increasing year by year, “Liang Jiliang, one of the drafters of tailing standards, told reporters

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