The logic behind the transmission industry

as a professional media in China’s textile industry, China Textile News is moving forward from a traditional industry media to a first-class textile professional media with a financial perspective. On the basis of focusing on industrial development, launching its own financial page can be said to be an important stroke in this transformation journey

one of the biggest inspirations from the outbreak of the global financial crisis is: in today’s increasingly integrated global economy, and in today’s increasingly high degree of cross integration between virtual economy and real economy, the attention and Research on the industry has far exceeded the industry itself. The economic phenomena and laws behind the industry, the financial and economic policies, the international economic and market environment for the development of the leading industry, the capital promoter and even the enterprise tycoon who call the wind and rain, etc. have all become the objects that the industry and even the enterprise need to pay attention to and study, and “finance” has just become the center connecting these< On the other hand, in the face of global climate change, how does the textile industry, as an important livelihood industry, pillar industry and traditional export advantage industry in China, face the common concern and challenge of all mankind, and how to change the development mode with innovation driven as the core to meet the arrival of the era of low-carbon economy and circular economy? To realize the great goal of China becoming a world textile power by 2020? What industry and economic policies will support this grand proposition, and what financial and economic phenomena will be transmitted? What are the success and failure cases to analyze? 1t has become the focus of the financial mouthpiece looking back on the coming year of 2009, a series of textile and garment exhibitions sponsored by China textile industry association with the theme of “big market action” have come to a successful end. The goal of “maintaining scale, building confidence and promoting service” has been successfully realized, which is inseparable from the strong support of a group of industry media like China textile daily! Also cannot leave “financial observation” to China Textile Exhibition economic development drum and cry 1 sincerely wish financial watch better and better! Attention to China Textile Exhibition as always

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