the machine hit the labor shoes and “bit” the feet

On Januar4, a worker was hit on his right foot by a machine which was tilted down when he was working in a factory. Although he was wearing special labor protection shoes, he was still “bitten” by the iron shoe toe and could not be removed. After being sent to the hospital, due to the lack of corresponding rescue equipment in the hospital, the rescue was unsuccessful, so he had no choice but to turn to the fire department for help. After receiving the alarm, the fire officers and soldiers of Xin’an squadron of Anqiu fire brigade rushed to the scene for rescue immediately. The injured finally got out of difficulty and underwent surgery in time< At about 12:37 on Januar4, Xinan squadron of Anqiu fire brigade received a report saying that a male casualty in the emergency department of Anqiu people's hospital was "bitten" by a labor protection shoe. Due to the lack of corresponding rescue equipment, the hospital had to ask the fire department for help. After receiving the alarm, the fire officers and soldiers immediately rushed to the scene with professional rescue tools after arriving at the scene, the fire officers and soldiers found a 30-year-old man lying on the bed of the emergency department, holding the guardrail of the bed tightly with both hands, and wearing a smash proof labor protection shoe on his right foot. The front end of the shoe is covered with a special elastic steel material which is resistant to impact, and its main function is to prevent the foot from being injured by falling objects. There is an obvious dent on the toe of the upper of the injured person’s labor protection shoes. 1t can be judged that the injured person’s right foot is “bitten” by the iron sheet at the front end of the labor protection shoes, and some of his toes are cut off by the iron sheet, so he is seriously injured and can’t come out the fire officers and soldiers later learned that the man was hit by a tilted machine at work. Although he got away in time, his right foot was unfortunately hit by the machine. The workers quickly rescued him and sent him to the hospital for emergency treatment the doctor told the fire officers and soldiers that the injured’s toes had been pinched for a period of time, and the pain was unbearable, so it was necessary to take a film to confirm the injury before the operation. However, the iron sheet affects the normal imaging. 1f the iron sheet is not removed for operation as soon as possible, the toes may be necrotic. Due to the thick iron sheet and the lack of corresponding rescue equipment in the hospital, doctors were unable to take off the iron sheet on their toes. After the rescue failed, they had to ask the fire department for help ten minutes of emergency operation successfully helped the injured out of difficulty his right foot was stuck, the injured’s mood was a little unstable, and his pale face was constantly sweating. The fire officers and soldiers first appeased the injured and carefully observed the stuck parts according to the situation of the scene, the fire officers and soldiers made a number of rescue plans. Fire officers and soldiers first try to reset the iron sheet, but due to the serious deformation of the iron sheet, in the process of restoring the iron sheet to its original state, part of the iron sheet will move in the opposite direction, the risk coefficient is too high, the result is likely to be counterproductive, causing secondary injury to the injured. After that, the fire officers and soldiers proposed to use the electric cutting machine to separate the sole and iron sheet, but the cutting may also bring pain, scald and other secondary injuries to the injured after careful analysis of the scene situation, the fire officers and soldiers finally decided to use scissors, pointed nose pliers and other tools to separate the vamp, which is a safe scheme. Fire officers and soldiers said that after comparing another intact labor protection shoe and judging the size of the iron sheet, they decided to use scissors to cut the vamp around the iron sheet. After the iron sheet was completely exposed, they used vice to fix and expand one side of the iron sheet, and the other side cooperated with pointed nose pliers to clamp the iron sheet and expand outward to expand the rescue space, and then carefully cut off the shoes and socks, Remove the right foot. Due to the hardness of the iron sheet, the operation space is very small, and the injured have been crying pain, the fire officers and soldiers need to constantly comfort the injured throughout the whole process, and the rescue progress is very slow. However, the fire officers and soldiers still rely on their rich experience to quickly help the man out of difficulty on the premise of ensuring the safety of the injured after about 10 minutes of intensive operation, the iron sheet was successfully removed, and the medical staff immediately bandaged the injured foot and fingers, and sent them to the operating room for emergency treatment after filming fire officers and soldiers remind the majority of workers that when operating production equipment, they must strictly follow the operating procedures to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. 1n the event of an accident, call 119 to the fire brigade for help(Reporter song Shuyun)

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