The magic cube of fabric creativity

a garment enterprise in Xialu town started to create its own brand in the early years. However, due to various difficulties, its development is stagnant. 1t can be seen that it is difficult to create an independent brand, and even more difficult to create an independent clothing brand

the failure of “Ruixue” and the calm of “hengbai” have made many enterprises more cautious in setting foot in clothing brand creation, and more willing to choose OEM with less investment and low risk. At present, the majority of more than 200 garment enterprises in the county are engaged in external processing, which is difficult to form the market demand for creative design and support the development of creative industry. 1ndustry insiders believe that “hate cloth but not clothing” has been plagued by the development of textile county. Although our county proposed to vigorously develop the clothing industry in the last century, the effect is very little

the person said that most of the domestic famous designers are concentrated in the field of fashion design. Combined with the current situation of our county’s clothing industry, it is difficult to attract them to Keqiao. Even if some designers have settled down, if there is no long-term mechanism of incentive and protection, they will eventually “fly southeast”

speeding up the development of textile creative industry and building an international textile creative center is an effective way for the transformation and upgrading of county economy. The advantage of our county’s textile industry is “printing and dyeing + market”. 1n the development of textile creative industry, we must give full play to this advantage in order to find a creative road with Shaoxing’s own characteristics

compared with fashion designers, the evaluation of fabric designers has just started. As long as the protection of intellectual property rights is in place, the creative design market of fabric and printing patterns in our county is very considerable” 1f a large number of fabric designers are introduced to promote orderly competition in the market, the cost of producing original textiles will drop, and the textile market will be more prosperous. ” This person believes that the development of creativity is focused on talents, and our county should learn from Hangzhou and other places to use and cultivate talents. At present, there are many design competitions such as various fabrics and clothing held in our county, all of which are named “China”. 1t is a pity that we have not found more potential design talents through the competitions, and “re trained” them for our use. China Textile City can promote the vigorous development of creative industry only if it enlivens its own team of designers

Author: Ren Yuanshuo

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