the man fell from the fourth floor without safety rope when working at height and suffered multiple fractures

at about 3 p.m. yesterday (July 1), a repairman from Tongliang accidentally fell from the outside edge of the balcony when he was repairing the external unit of the air conditioner at a household on the fourth floor of Jinquan supermarket in Beimen. Without a safety rope, the man fell directly from the fourth floor onto the sidewalk. 1t is understood that the man is currently in the intensive care unit of Tongliang District People’s Hospital for observation and treatment, with multiple body fractures

there is a saying in the first eye: accidents caused by working at height without safety ropes are common. Some workers may be skilled and can operate freely without safety ropes, but life never makes fun of you. Accidents happen in a flash. So when the citizens are engaged in outdoor high-altitude work, they must do a good job in safety rope and other protective measures to avoid accidents

(first glance – he Yuanke, special reporter of Chongqing Radio and television)

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