the man was smashed by a hard object and stabbed in the eyeball by the safety helmet screw

At about 7 p.m. on June 13, Mr. Zhou, 27, was stabbed in the eyeball by a five or six centimeter long screw with the thickness of his finger while working outdoors. After treatment by ophthalmologists in the fourth hospital of Changsha, the patient’s condition is stable

Mr. Zhou worked in an advertising company in Changsha and was installing outdoor advertisements at a construction site at the time of the incident. “1 also wore a helmet for safety reasons,” he recalled. Suddenly, a hard object fell from the sky and cracked the helmet. Out of instinct, Mr. Zhou looked up to see what hit him. Just then, another object fell from the building and stabbed his eyeball

“1 just remember that it was a screw about five or six centimeters long with the thickness of a finger.” Mr. Zhou immediately covered his eyes and sat down on the ground. His companion rushed him to the hospital for treatment

after discussion in the Department of Ophthalmology of the fourth hospital of Changsha, it was decided to perform an active orbital decompression operation for Mr. Zhou. First, part of the ethmoid bone and the lateral orbital bone wall were removed, the eyeball was pulled back to the orbit, and then the eyelid fissure was sutured to protect the eyeball. After the operation, Mr. Zhou’s eyeballs can be preserved, but whether he can regain his vision depends on the situation

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