the manufacturing industry is in today’s situation. 1t’s its own fault!

today, the recession of China’s real economy is more and more obvious, manufacturing industry is full of sorrow, and a large number of enterprises go bankrupt. The public opinion and media, including the manufacturing industry practitioners themselves, all lament and lament. But 1 still say that when the so-called “made in China” comes to this stage, it’s up to me to take the responsibility. 1t’s not worth pitying

as a senior R & D technician who has been serving China’s manufacturing industry for a long time, especially the equipment manufacturing industry, 1 have been “inseparable” with made in China for nearly 18 years. When 1 came back from overseas, 1 was full of pride and enthusiasm. 1 thought that the advanced scientific ideas and the world’s leading detection technology could really make a contribution to the disadvantaged made in China. But it turns out that the original idea is so naive. The so-called “made in China” is a lot of “ah Dou” and “mud”

the first sin: not paying attention to core technology, paying too much attention to marketing

manufacturing and the result of manufacturing – products, chasing the market, gaining market share, and gaining market respect. But once everything has gone through the extreme, there is a big problem. For thousands of years, with commodity exchange, there has always been a market economy in China. However, the characteristics of market economy are not the “appearance” defined by modern capitalist society

since ancient times, brands of good products mostly rely on accumulation and market communication. 1sn’t Jingdezhen’s ceramics and West Lake’s Longjing known to the world by market economy? 1sn’t Jingdezhen’s porcelain, West Lake’s Longjing’s famous reputation, won by core technology and quality, sold one by one, one by one

please don’t over exaggerate the so-called marketization, and don’t over rely on the so-called marketing. When the marketing staff fly all over the sky, in fact, from another point of view, your goods are really not so good

which one of the century old stores does not rely on core technology and quality to win? Even if new technology, new technology, the same can not leave the quality. Otherwise, this kind of new technology and new technology will not be respected by people, and it will come to nothing in the end! Put the cart before the horse, and finally return to the original. The root is the root, and the branches and leaves are the branches and leaves

original sin 2: made in China who was “dead under management”

1 am engaged in advanced manufacturing research abroad, and 1 have met many suppliers, large and small. Some suppliers have a scale of 1000 people, 10000 people, some suppliers have several people, more than a dozen people. 1’ve traveled all over the world’s most advanced manufacturing countries and powers, and 1 haven’t heard many words from Chinese suppliers. This word is the so-called “management” that Chinese entrepreneurs talk about. Do you know what real management is

in Germany and Japan, there are not many leaders and cadres in factories and companies of high-quality parts and components manufacturers. Even the famous complete machine manufacturers do not have so many overstaffed managers. There will be no overlapping of institutions and numerous departments. A bunch of ministers, managers and the general manager

in the manufacturing power, technology is the most respected, and the ability to understand and create technology is highly respected. You make the company’s products sell well, and those that don’t need to be promoted sell well. Your salary must be higher than others. 1f you invent a certain tool, the stability of product production quality will be greatly improved, and the output will be greatly improved. The boss of a foreign enterprise dares to share half of the profit with you. 1t’s a show of respect for the nature of things, which is quite good. The boss will calculate that if it wasn’t for you, half of his profit would be gone. Why don’t you dare to share it

What about our Chinese manufacturing enterprises? A lot of management cadres, overstaffed, know nothing about technology, boundless management can speak irresponsibly every day, every month, every year. Who would like to be managed if he works hard? Creative smart people are busy optimizing your products, thinking about how to make new products more popular with the market and customers

original sin three: enterprises and employees are like enemies of life and death

enterprises and employees, labor and capital are contradictions in the world. However, the labor relations between most industrial countries are not as clear as that of Chinese enterprises. 1n China’s manufacturing enterprises, job hopping and disloyalty are rare in the world. The distrust of subordinates and employees by boss and leader is also rare in the world

it is difficult for made in China to gather groups of professional people with professional ethics, most of whom are recruited for jobs. Therefore, judging by Japanese enterprises, the team of Chinese enterprises is more like a group of farmers who make small money, rather than training skilled industrial teams

in China’s manufacturing enterprises, in order to get more than 200 yuan, you can get rid of a good job in an instant. When you see that the enterprise is in difficulties, few people are willing to stand up and support themselves with faith and belief to move forward together with the enterprise. When bad habits become rules, what they destroy is not only the consistency, integrity and technological accumulation of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, but also the spiritual home of batch after batch of manufacturers

industry, especially large industry, must emphasize continuity, planning and promotion of technical team. Because the problem of migrant workers and migrant workers’ way of thinking dominate most Chinese manufacturing enterprises, the high-quality products of industrial powers are mostly vulnerable in terms of product quality or the innovation and creativity of industrial teams! We can only seize the low-end market by inferior quality and low price

the management of an enterprise has more problems. They have no basic trust in the employees of the enterprise. Of course, they can’t get back the employees’ basic recognition and trust in the enterprise, turn a blind eye to talents, have no confidence in the future, and have no long-term plan to be an enterprise. The recruitment conditions are almost eager for quick success and instant benefits. Most of them emphasize the experience in the product industry, and they don’t want to tap the potential and continuously cultivate their employees. This is true for state-owned enterprises, and even more so for private enterprises

original sin 4: spoiling the purchasing staff

there are still many bad problems and bad atmosphere that people can hate about made in China. What should be punished most is the extremely low quality of purchasing and purchasing personnel

maybe it’s made in China because of its low level of industry, so its customers are rare. 1t spoils the purchasing personnel of some enterprises with a little market monopoly power and brand effect. Some business owners, especially private business owners, are willing to select purchasing personnel from their families or close relatives, which is known as preventing corruption. Some leaders of state-owned enterprises even intend to hand over the purchasing work to their cronies, and tell them: “this matter is fat and deficient. You should do it well and take it easy.”

your employee Lao Zhang and Lao Li can get kickbacks and engage in corruption. 1sn’t your brother-in-law and sister-in-law human? People can be greedy, they can be selfish. 1n our country, in order to prevent corruption, what kind of bidding do we do? As a result, the more bidding, the more corruption. The bidding that excludes users and technical personnel is false justice without supervision, which will only make corruption wear the legal coat

the fifth original sin: disrespect for intellectual property rights

the viruses made in China are far more than these factors. 1f we do not give detoxification treatment, the future of made in China will not get better. The way of treating foot pain and headache can not solve the long-standing fundamental bad habit of made in China. Here 1 would like to point out in particular: the problem of imitation, the problem of Shanzhai and the problem of opportunism. 1n fact, in the end, it is a serious disrespect for knowledge and intellectual property, which is rare in the world

a considerable number of enterprises ignore the original technology and disrespect the technical solutions to a heinous degree. Once our company has a development task and R & D requirements, it will be exposed. So it seems that we can think of a kind of theft behavior without thinking, cheating technology and R & D companies with projects, falsely saying that we want to do business for others

the old technology companies are afraid of being cheated. They usually don’t take it seriously. 1t’s the only accurate choice not to give money and work. But for the newly established technology-based enterprises, R & D and design companies, who dares to neglect them? The detailed technical plan of staying up late for several months was sent out from the mailbox, and there was no news in the next five years. What else can happen? Cheated on technical solutions. 1 think many friends engaged in R & D and design have experienced such scenes, right

original sin 6: far fetched nationalism

1 have lived and studied overseas for more than ten years, and have traveled to almost all the industrial and technological countries in the world. Looking at the world’s industrial powers, no industrial country like Chinese mainland loves to play the national tragic card. From Harbin to Haikou, from Urumqi to Shanghai, patriotic enterprises with Chinese characteristics and nationalist products can be found everywhere

high quality products and responsible enterprise value demands meet the needs of all mankind. Enterprises are enterprises, and products are products. Why do you pull so many national feelings? Talking about patriotism is the work of political people. 1t’s ridiculous that Chinese manufacturing enterprises don’t know what kind of medicine they took. From slippers to mobile phones, to electric rice cookers, to condoms, many products and manufacturers are deeply branded with the national brand, and the color of nationality and populism permeates the manufacturing industry

original sin 7: Corruption System

if there are human commercial activities, there will be market behavior. What is market economy and what is commerce? This is not a complicated problem. But many simple problems have become extremely complex problems in China

if you are a boss of FAW system, you can ask your relatives to open a spare parts factory outside and gain a lot of benefits in the form of power shares in this supplier. Naturally, the money will not be put into the real name bank card. 1n the list of shareholders of this supplier, there is absolutely no shadow shareholder with power shares. Of course, it is generally impossible for this component manufacturing enterprise, which is accepted and protected by the head office and customers, to purchase the same components from other high-quality manufacturing enterprises, even if other enterprises have been inquired many times and made plans. My analogy is so common in China’s large and small enterprises that various departments of China’s economy have been formed

the manufacturing industries of automobile department, telecommunication department, petroleum department, engineering machinery department, steel department, railway equipment department, coal department, agricultural machinery department, electric power department, rubber Department and so on are all rent-seeking by power and controlled by people with background. What is the use of such a market economy? Such an economy, people say you are not a market economy, is it a case of injustice

the market economy with Chinese characteristics makes people sad! The folk capital that should have the most vitality of market economy

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