The miner can straighten up to coal

The coal mining face with a height of not enough to stand upright and the coal miners could not help standing up. He had to stoop to grab a shovel and shovel a shovel and throw coal shovels back on the coal slide. Such production scenes had been in the Yuan Tang well of Chai Li coal mine of Shandong energy Zaozhuang group for a long time. Due to the complex geological structure, thin coal seam, long transportation line and other unfavorable factors, large-scale fully mechanized mining technology has been difficult to carry out here. Now, through scientific and technological research, Yuantang well in thin coal seam also uses fully mechanized mining equipment, which enables coal miners to work straight. A few days ago, the reporter came to yuantangjing of Chaili Coal Mine to experience the mining of thin coal seam

Yuantang mine is a subsidiary mine of Chaili Coal Mine. The original design annual production capacity is only 210000 tons, and the blasting production process has been continued for more than 20 years” The so-called blasting mining is a kind of technology that uses blasting to loosen the coal seam during mining While going down the well, yuan Tangjing, a long member of the well, said to reporters. During blasting mining, the workers first drill dense holes in the working face, each hole is filled with explosives, and then the workers all retreat to a safe distance before blasting. After the blasting coal seam was loose and collapsed, workers shovel the coal onto the belt with spades. A shift worker has to shovel more than ten tons of coal, and they are all tired with backache after the shift. ” Duan Chenghai recalled, “not to mention that the lowest coal seam of the mine is only 1.3 meters. During the operation, more than a dozen workers can only squat and bow to coal, and the conditions are extremely difficult.”

it has always been yuantangjing miners’ dream to use fully mechanized mining equipment, but the realization of this dream is very difficult. Fully mechanized mining equipment is more suitable for the backward type of mining while retreating, while Yuantang mine adopts the common forward type of old mine: driving forward at the same time. At the same time, Yuantang mine is a thin coal mine, the average thickness of the coal seam is only 1.6 meters, and the thickness is uneven, and the strike is uneven. Under this condition, the use of fully mechanized mining has high requirements for equipment and technology, so Yuantang mine has not been able to achieve fully mechanized mining for a long time. With the continuous downward trend of domestic coal situation in recent years, it is necessary to mine the thin coal seam which was abandoned in the past due to poor conditions. The renewal of mine equipment and the technical progress of operators make this dream come true. 1n March this year, the mine made the first comprehensive mining test in the underground working face, and achieved a good result of 1721 tons per day and more than 40000 tons per month, a new high since the establishment of the well

dressed in work clothes, safety helmet, insulated rubber boots, self rescuer, miner’s lamp, dust mask and other complete equipment, we came to the first fully mechanized working face in yuantangjing, which is more than 700 meters away from the wellhead – sanxia900 working face. Compared with the thick coal seam working face with superior geological conditions, often as high as 34 meters and as spacious as the underground hall, the mineable area of 3 lower 900 working face is still limited: the area is tunnel shaped, about 100 meters long, and the “big guy” close to the front coal seam is the shearer. After removing 67 hydraulic supports, the width of the working face is only about 2 meters, which can only allow two people to pass in parallel. The height from the ground to the top is about 1.7 meters, and the taller workers need to bow their heads and move forward in the underground” There is no need for workers to bend down to produce coal. This height is very comfortable. ” On duty monitor Xue Kaike told reporters

the shearer at the top of the tunnel makes a huge roar, and two drivers sit on the Shearer to “harvest coal” – the 1.3-meter-diameter, 9-meter-long spiral head of the shearer, like a sharp wedge, is spinning rapidly into the coal seam. The chute of the coal machine close to the drill catches the newly excavated coal and quickly transports it to the belt connecting the wellhead. There are only two cleaning workers on one side of the chute to clean up a small amount of fallen coal on the chute. The water mist is continuously sprayed by the water spraying and dust reducing equipment, which makes the cleaning operation more humid than the ground without the feeling of coal dust flying

as soon as the drill goes in and out, it can “harvest” 200 tons of coal, and a shift of 8 hours can mine about 600 tons of coal, which can be achieved only by the coal machine driver pressing the machine switch. The use of mechanization has reduced the number of underground workers in Yuantang well by more than 30, and the working environment of workers has also been significantly improved” Once the drill goes in, the coal can be mined. Gone are the days when miners shoveled coal with monkey’s waist. ” Xue Kaike said with pride

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