the Ministry of Education released the survey results of “waste cloth for school uniform”

Recently, some netizens said that the school uniform pocket of No. 32 middle school in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province was lined with the words “Red Cross” and “Taiping”, suspecting that part of the cloth in the school uniform was used by the hospital< On September 30, the Education Bureau of Chengguan District of Lanzhou City responded to the incident by saying that the words in the school uniform were caused by the clothing manufacturer using the leftover sheet material produced and processed for a hospital in Lanzhou City, and the fabric was not used. Yesterday morning, the Education Bureau of Chengguan District once again responded that the headmaster of Lanzhou No.32 middle school and the supervisors of the Education Bureau were admonished to talk, and the Education Bureau stopped the cooperation with the garment enterprises involved, and suggested that the relevant departments should include the enterprise in the government procurement blacklist school uniform pocket mixed with bed sheet material recently, a microblog netizen posted that the child was studying in Lanzhou No.32 middle school. After paying more than 400 yuan recently, the school issued a set of school uniform, but on the cloth lined with the school uniform pocket, the Red Cross sign and “people’s medicine” were printed”(The cloth in the pocket) has the words “cremation”, “people” and “peace”. These things must have been used by the hospital. “ on September 30, the official microblog of Chengguan District Education Bureau of Lanzhou city made an explanation on the school uniform problem of Lanzhou No.32 middle school reflected by Sina Weibo netizens according to the description, the manufacturer of school uniform is Gansu Ruyi Garment Co., Ltd., which is a shortlisted school uniform supplier through public bidding. According to the investigation, the reason why these school uniform pocket cloths have the words is that the manufacturer considered that they are middle school students’ clothing, the use rate of pocket is high, and the fabric needs to be strong and durable. 1t happens that there are surplus materials of white polyester card sheets printed for the third people’s Hospital of Lanzhou City, so the materials are used as part of the pocket cloth after the incident, Chengguan District Bureau of education took out students’ school uniforms and sent them to Gansu Fiber 1nspection Bureau for inspection. At the same time, the quality monitoring department took samples from the factory for on-site inspection. The results showed that the pocket fabrics used in the school uniforms of No. 32 middle school were unused fabrics, not the recycled fabrics reflected by 1nternet users Chengguan District Education Bureau said that it apologized for the worries and doubts caused to parents, and asked all schools to carry out strict acceptance according to the school uniform quality standards in the future to prevent such incidents from happening again< According to the inspection report of Gansu Fiber 1nspection Bureau issued by Chengguan District Education Bureau, Gansu Fiber 1nspection Bureau inspected two sheets of Gansu Ruyi Garment Co., Ltd. on September 30 at the entrustment of the law enforcement and supervision department of Gansu quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. After sampling inspection, the inspected items of the entrusted products met the requirements of relevant national standards, "The selected white polyester card sheets are unused, and some of them have been used to process school uniform pocket cloth." relevant responsible persons have been dealt with yesterday morning, Chengguan District Education Bureau issued a decision on the handling of the school uniform problem of Lanzhou No.32 middle school. Chengguan District Education Bureau said that the relevant departments in view of the school uniforms in the acceptance of the work is not in place the education department held a admonishment talk with the principal, suspended the general director who was responsible for the acceptance of the school uniform, and cancelled the qualification of the school in the year of evaluation and selection. At the same time, the school was “instructed to explain the real situation of the pocket cloth materials and the reasons for the errors to parents, so as to eliminate the parents’ unnecessary worry and wrong inference” at the same time, the relevant departments held a admonishment talk with the person in charge of the relevant department of the Education Bureau, who is responsible for the supervision of government procurement, and cancelled the qualification of the Department for the year’s evaluation according to the Education Bureau, Gansu Ruyi Garment Co., Ltd. has decided to terminate its cooperation with Gansu Ruyi Garment Co., Ltd. for the adverse social impact caused by its improper use of other product residues to replace garment accessories, and suggested that the bidding Management Department of Chengguan District should list it in the blacklist of government procurement according to law and prohibit it from participating in government procurement activities of Chengguan District within three years Chengguan District Education Bureau said that in the future, it will regularly and irregularly cooperate with the quality supervision department to further strengthen the quality supervision of materials used before, after and after the production of school uniforms, and coordinate the industry and commerce, quality supervision and other departments to conduct all-round inspection on the production and operation of the enterprise

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