The most beautiful one

one day, my son and 1 drove home from McDonald’s after dinner. At this time, the sky began to float with scattered light snow, and the cold was pressing. People were eager to go home on the endless stream of roads. Yes, there are always so many things to deal with near the Spring Festival. Not far away from the traffic, traffic jams, slow traffic on the road, found that the roadside yellow light flashing, “construction ahead, please slow down”, “construction ahead, please forgive the inconvenience” eye-catching signs stand in the north of lan’ao road public station” Mom, your company’s rhubarb car, and a few uncles in front “! Looking in the direction of his son’s fingers, it’s not surprising that all the friendly blue helmets of the national open are moving quickly in the cold wind, taking up the thread, sorting out the tools in hand, and doing today’s finishing work. 1t turns out that since 8 am this morning, due to the demolition and reconstruction of this section of the ancient city, the old bus station is the last demolition area. The original power supply lines were cut off and some low-voltage customers’ power consumption was readjusted. The front-line personnel of the urban power supply business station stepped on the pole, set out, pulled wires, connected cables, fixed wires until the end of the project, and restored the line power consumption. 1 will stop the car not far away, silently looking at them, “Mom, uncle really good, so cold day is still working outside, they haven’t eaten yet?” Hearing children’s childish questions, my eyes can’t help but heat up: Yes, otherwise it will be dark. My uncles have been busy all day in order to let the people around them have lights” Mom, uncles are so beautiful The child praised like this

such scenes are staged in front of my eyes: on July 1, 2013, the demolition work of our city’s ancient town began. Located in the demolition area of the ancient city, there are 10 stations under the jurisdiction of the urban power supply business station, with more than 4500 households. 1n order to ensure the safe demolition of power supply facilities and the recovery of electricity charges of relocated households, the urban power supply business station grouped all personnel and seconded 12 staff from brother units to assist the site. The weather in July is already in the hot sun. 1t’s just the hot and heavy rain these days. Our front-line staff are shuttling through the streets and alleys of the ancient city every day in the hot sun and in the heavy rain. They are reading meters and issuing bills to collect fees on the spot. When the kind-hearted residents see the sweaty toll collectors, they are shouting “go ahead, cool down and then go”! Seeing the staff in raincoats knocking on the door to door to collect fees, they called out “come in and take shelter from the rain!”” No, auntie, while the residents are at home in this rainy day, we have to hurry up! The staff gratefully declined the kindness of my mother and went straight to the next house, leaving a sweaty figure of front-line staff… Every day, the demolition work in the old city, our power grid line one person will carry out the demolition work of power facilities and the recovery of electricity charges in an orderly manner. 1n January 2014, we thought that the work in 2013 was coming to an end, and we were about to inspect the line equipment a year ago. We received the demolition notice of Xiliu village of Huangjia under our jurisdiction. So, in the coldest season of the year, our front-line staff drove to the demolition site again: remove the meter, remove the line, remove the transformer, return the warehouse, sort out the report… Until January 30, 2014, the demolition work of Huangjia Xiliu village was basically completed. On the way back, the brothers comforted each other: the demolition work was temporarily ended, and we should pay close attention to inspecting the line equipment tomorrow, To ensure the normal power supply of the people during the Spring Festival, we can also have a new year’s Eve dinner at ease! Who knows, just back to the unit, the duty room urgent telephone ring again: power supply, our village suddenly power failure, such a cold day, no electricity heating can not ah! We put down the steamed bread we had just bitten, took the tools, and disappeared in a hurry in the busy crowd. Although the hot dishes on the table became cold dishes when we came back, our power grid first-line staff always love their jobs and work hard to create a batch of excellent “new power grid, heart service” service teams

perhaps, such deeds are too common. Perhaps, you are surprised by my praise. However, as a grass-roots power grid worker, every time 1 see the neat watch box in the community, the Yellow repair car speeding by, or the safety helmet with the State Grid logo on the roadside working, or even the high-voltage lines, 1 can’t help but look at them more, 1 think they are really beautiful, beautiful people down-to-earth, beautiful people proud! At the same time, 1 also send the most sincere wishes to our front-line power grid staff, and wish our grass-roots power grid staff unity and cooperation, safe construction, and create green energy to serve the whole society

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