the most important thing is to promote productivity! Microsoft Mr will be combined with hard hat

For AR / MR / VR technology, too many users still stay in the game application level. 1n fact, the application of AR / MR / VR technology in production and industry is what more technology companies want to see. After all, it can not only greatly improve production efficiency, but also promote social development, which will far exceed the entertainment brought by games

at present, there are many examples of VR / Ar / MR being used in industries such as construction, but the advantages of MR technology often conflict with safety issues. To solve this problem, Trimble, a Microsoft Partner, recently tried to combine hololens with hard hat

safety helmet is one of the most commonly used protection tools in construction, engineering, mining and other fields, and is usually used in combination with protective glasses. 1n many places, construction workers are required by law to wear safety helmets and glasses. Trimble launched a solution integrating industry standard helmets and hololens MR equipment, which has been approved by American National Standards 1nstitute (ANS1) and will not affect the MR function of the equipment< Aviad almagor, Mr project director of Trimble, said: "with the increasing acceptance of Mr solutions by the business community, the demand for 3D visualization outside the office will drive Trimble to innovate. We are bringing MR to more industries. " Trimble also released Trimble connect for hololens, which connects to the Microsoft app store. The software is developed after in-depth cooperation with relevant people in the field of structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. 1t aims to improve the cooperation effect by combining various models, allowing the accurate alignment of holographic data in the construction site with a scale of 1:1 in addition, since Trimble connect software is easy to obtain immersive 3D visualization, it can also be used for training or comparing planned schemes with completed projects. The built-in measurement tool can facilitate users to collect useful data on site< "Trimble connect for hololens enables us to break through the limitations of 2D screens," said Olivier Pellegrin, B1M manager of GA smart building, a test user of Trimble connect. Superimposing the digital model on the real environment can clearly understand the comparison between the 3D design model and the actual work on site. "

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