The necessity of strengthening the professional safety protection of firefighters

Every time at the scene of disaster relief, fire fighters are risking their lives to rescue. For those who are deeply involved in the disaster, fire fighters are their hope. However, while we praise the professionalism of fire fighters, we should also face up to the issue of frequent sacrifice of fire fighters. 1f saving lives is at the cost of another person’s life, we should think about how to care for the lives of these fire fighters, How to reduce the rescue risk of firefighters

in a microblog of @ Anhui fire, we read about the rescue process of firefighter Xia Menglei, which makes everyone sweat. The rescue is completely suspended, which is also a great test for the life safety of firefighters

firefighters are one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Their interaction with death runs through every rescue mission, including high temperature, toxic gas and other harmful environmental injuries. There are also “fire fighting suits” worn by firefighters. Our common fire fighting rubber boots, fire fighting waist axe, air breathing apparatus, fire-resistant rope and other fire-fighting equipment are all protective equipment for firefighters

the completion of any work depends on the accumulation of professional knowledge and experience, especially the skill accumulation of firefighters. Oslo fire service, the capital of Norway, has been nearly 70 years since the Second World War. No firefighter died because of disaster relief. The main reason for this performance lies in the establishment of an effective internal safety and health management and control system, which strictly controls the recruitment of firefighters, training exercises, equipment status and fire fighting, Keep the equipment and personnel in the best condition all the time

a high-risk job needs professional and experienced talents. At present, Chinese firefighters tend to be younger and more mobile. 1f such a phenomenon is common, it is really necessary to examine and make corresponding changes. 1n any case, they should be equipped with reasonable occupational protective equipment, For this profession, it has irreplaceable value

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