The new hololens helmet helps the safety of engineering projects

As a good collaboration tool, Microsoft hololens head display is widely used in engineering projects, such as industrial construction, offshore facilities construction, mining projects, etc. But Microsoft hololens head display can not be used as a daily engineering tool, because a single head display can not fully meet the strict safety standards of engineering tools

now, Microsoft has cooperated with Trimble, an American engineering technology company, to combine the Microsoft hololens head display with MSA V-Gard helmet that meets the industry standard, and launched a Microsoft hololens head display suite that can be used in engineering projects. At present, the kit has been approved by American National Standards 1nstitute (ANS1), and the MR function in hololens has been retained

the kit includes a Microsoft hololens head display and an MSA V-Gard helmet. 1n addition, an accessory clip is added under the helmet to quickly grab and release the Microsoft hololens head display. The kit meets the engineering protection and dust prevention standards, so that workers can use Microsoft hololens head display comfortably and conveniently at work, ensuring their own safety and the stability of head display equipment

the suite can be used with an application called Trimble connect, which can convert engineering data into holograms and then map them to the real environment. The application can also visualize and share holographic data, which is convenient for workers to cooperate, accurately control project quality and grasp project progress in real time

in addition, workers can collect field data through the built-in measuring tool of Trimble connect, and compare with the data in the design scheme. Currently, Trimble connect is available for free trial on the Microsoft Windows app store< Aviad almagor, director of the Trimble project, said: "in the past, workers used to use tablet computers to view the terrain and data of the site through 2D models. Now Mr technology has been applied to the industrial field, workers can view the physical environment of the scene through the 1:1 3D model, and can superimpose the digital model on the real scene. " aviad almagor added: “with the increasing acceptance of MR technology in industry, the demand for 3D visualization office is also growing. We are constantly developing applications of MR technology in more environments. “

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