the new national standard mask may not meet the international standard when it is ready to wear

New national standard mask, ready to wear

grade C

corresponding to severe pollution and below

when PM2.5 concentration ≤ 250 μ When the concentration of PM2.5 is less than 150 g / m3,

grade d

corresponding to moderate and below pollution

is used μ At present, the masks on the market are mainly divided into industrial, medical and civil. On November 1, 2016, China’s first national standard GB / t32610-2016 “technical specification for daily protective masks” issued by the National Standardization Management Committee was officially implemented. The standard specifies the protection effect and safety performance of fine particles (PM2.5). Experts said that many enterprises adopt industrial protection standards, which are suitable for special environments such as mines and dust. GB / t32610 is a daily civil standard, which is more suitable for people’s daily protection and is more effective and safe

experts say

industry experts

the new national standard masks can guarantee the people

is there a timetable for the mass market of the new national standard masks? Beijing Morning Post reporter interviewed Li Guimei, vice president of China 1ndustrial Textile 1ndustry Association, who participated in drafting the new national standard. She said that at present, many enterprises have improved their products in accordance with the new national standard, and the requirements of the new national standard are relatively strict. Many enterprises may explore and develop while producing, and it will take a process to gradually accept” According to the inspection volume of the inspection department, some enterprises have submitted for inspection according to the new national standard

the new national standard is recommended, not compulsory. 1s it feasible for enterprises to follow the enterprise standard? Li Guimei said that it is possible for the enterprise standard to be registered by the state and its products to reach the standard. From the strength of the standard indicators, the national standard should be the most common, to most enterprises can achieve, responsible enterprises, their enterprise standards should be strict than the national standard, to make their products more perfect. At present, the enterprise standard should also be put on record in the national standard committee, and there will be an audit mechanism” The common people (44.090, – 0.13, – 0.29%) could not see or understand the enterprise standards, could not check them one by one, and had no strong professional knowledge, so it was not possible to get protection if they bought masks that implemented the enterprise standards. But the implementation of the new national standard mask products, the people can get protection

foreign standards may not meet the national standards

the reporter found that some imported masks implement foreign standards, but the labels can meet China’s strong standards. 1n this regard, Li Guimei said, “many foreign standards only represent the filtration efficiency of the material. 1n fact, they should match the index of leakage rate, that is, the air leaked into the mask through the gap. Foreign standards may not be able to meet China’s mandatory standards or new national standards, but may only meet the filtration efficiency. ” 1n addition, when doing experiments in simulated air, one is dry powder dust and sand environment, the other is oily environment with exhaust gas. 1n this regard, foreign standards are measured separately, but the new national standard requires that both should be measured, and all of them can meet the standard. “The new national standard is more strict, taking into account the composition of the air.” 1f consumers don’t understand foreign standards, they are advised to buy masks that implement the new national standards, she said

according to the new standard, the protection level of masks is divided into four levels: D, C, B and a. Li Guimei thinks that A-level masks may be more expensive. “1t has high requirements for materials, and it’s not easy to reach A-level, but it’s not recommended that consumers buy A-level masks, and it’s best to use them in extreme weather.”

experts of disease control and prevention

it is not suitable to wear super protective masks for a long time

according to the choice of masks, experts of disease control and prevention remind us to buy them from regular channels first. 1n addition, it is more important to choose the mask with corresponding protection level effect according to different air pollution levels. When choosing a mask for the first time, try it on according to the product instructions, and buy a product with good fit to the face. 1n case of discomfort or adverse reactions during wearing, the mask should be stopped. “Wearing a mask with high respiratory resistance for a long time may have adverse effects on health, so consumers are not recommended to wear protective masks for a long time and beyond the grade,” the expert said

in addition, experts also remind the public that people with heart or respiratory diseases, dizziness after wearing, dyspnea and skin sensitivity are not recommended to wear masks. When riding or exercising, it is not advisable to wear a mask with too high a level to prevent poor breathing

reporter’s follow-up visit

children’s mask standards have not yet been launched in time

Li Guimei, vice president of China 1ndustrial Textiles 1ndustry Association, said that mask standards for children should also be launched in time” At present, the research on children lacks a lot of data. First of all, the development of children’s respiratory system is not very perfect, and the requirements for respiration are high. 1ts material should be able to protect, but also let children breathe unobstructed, so the material requirements are relatively high. 1n addition, adults can collect more data and design masks that fit the face shape according to the head mold, but now children’s head is relatively large, and the design according to the original head mold is not in line with the actual situation. 1f it doesn’t fit well, there will be polluted air leaking in. “< According to Feng Guofang, director of the Department of Otolaryngology, Beijing East District Children's Hospital, children's tracheitis, bronchitis and allergic rhinitis are on the rise in haze days. 1n addition to the well-known PM2.5, there are even smaller particles than pm0.5, which can enter the trachea, bronchus and alveoli with the air. Children are more vulnerable to injury because their skin and mucous membrane, alveolar surface and other parts are more delicate. 1f they are engaged in outdoor activities, they should wear masks. However, there are not only a few types of children's anti haze masks on the market, most of them are only reduced versions for adults, and their sealing and protection are greatly reduced. However, cotton and gauze masks are mainly used to keep warm and have no anti haze effect. 1n view of the haze weather, we should actively call for standardized masks for children to be put on the market as soon as possible reporter’s notes don’t let everyone worry about getting close to the “new national standard” “my friend’s female colleague, 24 years old, returned from the UK, with an annual salary of 500000, has a school district room and a BMW. Parents are very anxious now – want to introduce a better air purifier… “Change the” air purifier “in this joke into” anti haze mask “, which is also applicable open a search for “anti haze mask” in a certain treasure, and you will find at least 100 brands. 1t’s not easy to find the contents of different executive standards on the 1nternet. Even if we find a lot of professional terms such as “NaCl particulate matter” and “aerosol concentration”, it will make consumers head high every minute how to choose a good mask? 1t is estimated that it is really a matter of “parents’ anxiety”. Today, the introduction of the new national standard, to fill the previous daily protection of civilian masks blank. But the reporter also learned in the interview that the new national standard is a recommended standard, not a compulsory standard, and enterprises can still produce according to the enterprise standard. 1n this case, the enterprise standard of some honest enterprises is higher than the new national standard, but it is inevitable that some enterprises will take advantage of it a staff member of the national standardization management committee told the reporter that even for the recommended standards, the indicators of the national standards are very scientific. The purpose of promoting the national standard is to standardize the market, let the industry and consumers understand the practicability and superiority of the national standard, and let enterprises independently implement the recommended national standard for masks by using the market force mechanism in fact, although the new national standard is not compulsory, and the current enterprise standard of some enterprises is not lower than the new national standard, rather than making consumers “dazzled” in the face of numerous enterprise standards, producers should stand in the position of consumers, truly regard consumers as the emperor, and turn the non compulsory recommendation standard into a “spontaneous” standard. 1f more enterprises can get close to and implement the new standards, it will be a good news for consumers

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