The new standard for protective gloves against mechanical hazards will come into effect on September 1

statistics show that hand injury accounts for about 25% of all occupational injuries, and mechanical injury accounts for a large proportion. 1n the field of industrial processing and emergency rescue, operators may be subject to mechanical hazards such as friction, cutting and puncture. 1n order to reduce or eliminate such injuries, the above personnel need to be equipped with different levels of mechanical hazard protective gloves

from September 1, the national compulsory standard gb24541-2009 “protective gloves for hand protection against mechanical hazards” jointly issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Administration will be officially implemented

the standard specifies the technical requirements, test methods and marks of protective gloves against mechanical hazards (hereinafter referred to as protective gloves). The grades of friction resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance and cutting resistance are classified, and the minimum requirements for each performance grade are specified. The performance of protective gloves is required to reach at least Grade 1. The standard also stipulates the mark of protective gloves, which requires that the mechanical properties of gloves should be marked with mechanical hazard icon and four performance level digital marks. When buying protective gloves, you should pay attention to the mark and choose to buy according to the demand. Qualified products produced by regular manufacturers in line with national standards should be selected and used within the shelf life of the products

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