The new type of anti-seismic protective clothing is light and easy to wear

recently, a new type of anti-seismic protective clothing was released in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. 1nventor Yang Zhimin said: “the research and development of this special protective clothing aims to provide a kind of protective clothing with light weight, easy to wear, certain pressure resistance, and can send out early warning and distress signals to the earthquake.”

the special protective clothing is composed of a back sheet (3) with sandwich structure, a compression plate sewn in the back sheet sandwich, a hat (1) sewn on the back sheet (3), a helmet (9) fixed in the hat, a tightening device fixedly connected with the back sheet (3) and an alarm device arranged on the tightening device. The invention can effectively reduce casualties in earthquake disasters, and is an ideal anti-seismic protective clothing, which is easy to wear, especially suitable for earthquake prone areas

Author: Yang Zhimin

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