The new type of fire protection clothing looks like the space suit

“The reason why it looks like an astronaut’s costume is that they really have something to do with each other.” According to the person in charge of the Municipal Fire Bureau, the new protective clothing for firefighters was jointly developed by China Astronaut Research and training center, Beijing 1nstitute of labor protection science and Beijing intelay Clothing Co., Ltd. under the support of the joint organization of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Municipal Fire Bureau. 1n the development process, the protective clothing absorbed some advanced technologies of China’s extravehicular spacesuit, which took nearly three years to develop successfully

then, where is the “cow” of this protective suit

“based on the basic theory and technology of human-computer interaction and ergonomics, protective clothing can reasonably allocate the human-computer functions of complex systems and improve the overall efficiency of human-computer integration.” The simple explanation to the experts is that the new protective clothing is like the armor of “1ron Man”, which greatly improves the combat ability of individual soldiers

according to the introduction, the protective clothing has realized multi-function, informatization and lightweight. Compared with the existing fire clothing, the protection is more comprehensive, the wearing is more comfortable, and the function is more powerful. All data indicators are above the national standards. Moreover, the new protective clothing has strong comprehensive protection performance, and the material has the characteristics of flame retardant, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance, high temperature resistance, heat radiation resistance, explosion resistance and high strength

the helmet can be photographed and positioned to prevent being trapped

although the protective clothing is one-piece structure, it is necessary to take apart the introduction

the helmet of the protective clothing has the feeling of “1ron Man” helmet. On the top is a red triangle, which looks like a logo at first glance. 1n fact, it integrates the functions of headlamp and camera. Under the protective mask, the air respirator can be connected. The helmet also integrates the functions of communication, information collection, temperature monitoring and alarm

“1ron Man” also has an intelligent housekeeper named Jarvis. After firefighters rush into the fire, the helmet information collection system will send the information they see to the intelligent housekeeper. The rear commander can combine the sight of the four firefighters in the team to form a fire “panorama”, comprehensively analyze the fire situation, and then instruct the front-line firefighters to attack according to the safest and most effective path through the audio transmission system

what to do once the firemen who rush into the fire are trapped

the helmet is also equipped with an alarm device. 1n 20 seconds, if the fireman does not move, the helmet will flash a red and blue alarm and give out a beep alarm. Because the protective clothing also has positioning function, the backup firefighters can quickly find the trapped comrades and rescue them

how stable is the signal? According to the previous test, the transmission of audio and video information between the ground commander and the firefighters who enter the underground three floors and are about 500 meters deep is very normal

built in “air conditioner” and can monitor pulse

if the helmet provides “communication safety”, then the clothing provides “temperature safety”

in the high temperature fire field, thermal radiation is terrible, even fatal. The automatic cooling system is used in the new protective clothing to realize the active heat regulation function of the clothing, which is equivalent to a set of automatic air conditioning. The experimenters still feel comfortable after staying in the high temperature cabin for 30 minutes in protective clothing. Xiangyang squadron firefighter Liu Futao put on the new protective clothing, the most obvious feeling is “cool”” Rush into the fire, high temperature is the most uncomfortable, will soon consume physical strength, usually training if you can adhere to 2 hours, in the fire, may be 40 minutes to the limit Liu Futao said that the constant temperature system of the new protective clothing is like a “fire shield”, which can make them fight in the fire for a longer time

in addition, the protective clothing can also monitor the physical information of firefighters, such as movement status and pulse, so as to help firefighters identify the fire environment. 1n case of extreme harsh environment such as high temperature, it will give an alarm in time. 1n addition, the function of movable joints and size adjustment are added to the clothing to adapt to the personnel of various shapes. These details improve the fitness and rescue effect of the clothing. At present, the four sets of new protective clothing are still in the actual combat test stage, which are used by the firefighters of Xiangyang squadron in the actual police, and feedback relevant use information, so as to further optimize and improve in the future. After passing the test, the new protective clothing will be mass produced

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