The number of M & S stores in 1ndia will double

M & amp; s, the UK’s iconic brand; S) 1t plans to double the number of its stores in 1ndia from the current 18. The company plans to increase the number of stores in 1ndia by 15-18 in the next three years

M& S works with reliance, an 1ndian retail company, to enable them to transform the company’s market. According to the previous franchise relationship, they sell high priced British products in small shopping malls, belonging to small-scale high price retailers

through cooperation with reliance retail, M & amp; S is able to set up large shopping malls and reduce the price by purchasing 38% of local products. The company plans to increase the percentage of local purchases in 1ndia to more than 60% by 2012. Local purchasing makes M & s more flexible to meet the needs of the market

this year alone, M & amp; S has opened four new stores in 1ndia, bringing the number of M & S stores to 18. 1ndia is a huge opportunity for M & S. 1ndia has a population of 1.2 billion, with a GDP growth of 7.2%. M & s will make full use of this opportunity with the right products and the right model

the size of M & S ranges from 5000 square feet to more than 22000 square feet. M & s will sell clothing products in 1ndian stores, including women’s wear, underwear, men’s and children’s wear, as well as household products. Author: Cao Haihong

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