The office of the State Council’s Work Safety Commission calls for further strengthening the current work safety in production

Emergency notice of the office of the State Council Safety Committee on Further Strengthening the current work of production safety, However, after entering the fourth quarter, there were obvious signs of accidents. There were a series of major accidents such as “10.11” fishing boat capsizing in Zhangzhou sea area of Fujian Province, “10.20” rock burst in Longyun coal industry of Heze City, Shandong Province, “10.28” fire accident in lubricating oil warehouse of Binhai New Area of Tianjin city, “11.3” major road traffic accident in Gansu Province. 1n addition, there were four major accidents in which 8-9 people died, Heavy casualties have been caused, the lessons are extremely painful, and the situation of production safety is very serious. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to this, and the leading comrades of the Central Committee have made important instructions, requiring all localities to attach great importance to it, implement their responsibilities, and make the work of production safety more practical and detailed; We should further take targeted measures, intensify our work, guide and urge all localities to draw lessons, earnestly grasp the responsibility and implementation of measures for production safety, comprehensively investigate and rectify all kinds of hidden dangers in production safety, and resolutely prevent and curb the occurrence of major production safety accidents. 1n order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the important instructions of the central leading comrades, the following requirements are put forward for further improving the current work of production safety:

first, deeply understand the particularity and arduousness of the current work of production safety, and earnestly enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility for doing a good job of work of production safety. The fourth quarter has always been a critical period for production safety. Towards the end of the year, all kinds of enterprises have entered the peak of production, the demand for heating, gas supply, fire and electricity is strong, the number of people’s travel and gathering activities is increasing, the flow of people, logistics and vehicles is dense, and the disastrous weather such as low temperature, rain, snow and freezing is frequent, which often leads to frequent accidents. From the statistics of accidents in recent three years, not only the number of accidents and deaths accounted for a large proportion of the whole year in the fourth quarter, but also the number of especially serious accidents accounted for 44.4% of the whole year. Among them, three of the four particularly serious accidents occurred in the fourth quarter of 2016 and four in the fourth quarter of 2017. At present, with the change of economic situation, some enterprises’ safety investment is reduced and safety technology and equipment are not updated in time; The supply of coal, cement and other energy raw materials and basic chemical products is tight, and the price increases significantly. The utilization rate of blast furnace capacity of iron and steel enterprises continues to rise, and it is very easy to produce impulsively or even illegally. These problems are expected to be further highlighted around the end of the year. At the same time, at present, all regions are in the process of institutional reform, and local emergency management departments at all levels are being set up. 1n the adjustment of institutions, functions and personnel, it is easy to have problems such as lax thinking, unstable people’s mind and disjointed work. All regions, relevant departments and units should have a clear understanding of the grim situation faced by the current work safety, further strengthen the red line awareness and bottom line thinking, effectively enhance the sense of urgency, responsibility and mission, and take more effective targeted measures to effectively do a good job in the current work safety< Second, we should further strengthen the responsibility of safety production, and pay close attention to the implementation of safety prevention measures. All regions, relevant departments and units should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition and instructions on safety in production, strictly implement the "Regulations on responsibility for production safety of local party and government leading cadres", clarify the responsibilities of Party and government leading cadres at all levels for safety in production, and fulfill the political responsibility of local party and government leaders to "promote the development of one party and ensure peace of one side". 1t is necessary to further tighten the work safety responsibilities of all departments, establish the idea of "a game of chess" for territorial work safety supervision, strengthen supervision and inspection, refine responsibilities at all levels, strengthen the linkage of departments, and pay close attention to the implementation of work safety supervision in all industries. All kinds of production and business operation units should seriously implement the provisions of the safety production responsibility system for all staff, strengthen the safety management and the investigation and treatment of post hidden dangers in accordance with the law, and strictly prevent all kinds of accidents. 1t is necessary to further enhance the awareness of safety risks. According to the characteristics of safety production rules in autumn and winter and at the end and beginning of the year, it is necessary to deeply analyze and judge the severe situation faced by safety production and various potential safety risks, and strictly and practically implement various safety precautions. Leading cadres at all levels should take the lead in setting an example, being pragmatic and avoiding falsehood, taking the lead in going deep into the front-line supervision and inspection, and promoting the implementation of various responsibility measures. 1n case of production safety accidents due to failure to implement responsibilities, ineffective measures, inadequate supervision or even dereliction of duty, the responsibility shall be seriously investigated in accordance with the law Third, focus on key industries and pay close attention to the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers. All regions, relevant departments and units should deeply learn from the lessons of recent major accidents, pay close attention to the key areas, key industries and key enterprises with frequent accidents, strengthen the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers, and focus on the investigation of major risks, elimination of major hidden dangers and prevention of major accidents. Coal mines should carry out “physical examination” consultation on high-risk coal mines such as coal and gas outburst, rock burst, serious water disaster and mining depth exceeding 1000 meters, urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility of safety production, and resolutely crack down on serious violations of laws and regulations such as surprise production, private excavation and illegal mining, super capacity, super strength and super level crossing. We should strengthen the supervision of buses, buses, school buses, dangerous chemical vehicles, heavy trucks and other key vehicles, increase the law enforcement on sharp curves and steep slopes, water and cliff, and long downhill sections, and severely crack down on illegal behaviors such as “three excesses and one fatigue” and dangerous goods vehicles attached in other places, regardless of the attachment, and illegal modification; Strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers of old large bridges, and improve the construction standards of safety protection facilities. Water transportation should strengthen the daily supervision and law enforcement of key water areas and key ships such as passenger ships, dangerous goods ships, fluidizing solid bulk carriers and sand and gravel ships in the “six areas and one line” (Bohai waters, Yangtze River estuary waters, Zhoushan 1slands waters, Taiwan Strait waters, Pearl River Estuary waters, Qiongzhou Strait waters and Yangtze River one line), and increase the supervision and law enforcement of inland river ships engaged in maritime transportation, transportation and transportation Penalties for overloading, insufficient Manning, failure to use the ship automatic identification system in accordance with regulations, failure to comply with the ship alignment system and other illegal acts shall be strengthened, and accidents such as collision of commercial fishing vessels and overturning of passenger ships shall be strictly prevented. Dangerous chemicals should supervise and urge enterprises to implement the “winter prevention” plan, do a good job in antifreeze, anticoagulation, fire prevention, explosion-proof, leakage prevention and static electricity prevention, strengthen the investigation and treatment of accident hidden dangers in key parts such as major hazard sources and special operation links such as hot work, resolutely put an end to rush construction period, catch up with schedule and overload production at the end of the year, and strictly prevent fire, explosion and poisoning accidents. For oil and gas pipelines, it is necessary to implement the enterprise local safety production responsibility system in densely populated areas and high consequence areas, ensure that the structure of pipeline facilities in high consequence areas is complete and meets the requirements of standards and specifications, strengthen the prevention and monitoring of geological disasters along the pipeline, and strictly approve and supervise the third-party construction around the pipeline. Fireworks and firecrackers should strengthen the supervision of production safety in peak season, continue to deepen the special treatment of prominent violations of laws and regulations such as “subcontracting”, “multiple factories with one certificate”, “three supermarkets and one change”, “going out of stores and going to houses”, “front stores and back houses”, and severely crack down on illegal production and business activities. 1n terms of fire control, we should deepen the special management of large-scale commercial complexes, electric bicycles, museums and cultural relic buildings, solidly carry out fire prevention and control in winter and spring, strengthen the night “wrong time system” inspection of high-risk places such as “villages in the city”, group rental houses, song and dance halls and “three in one” in view of the fact that there are many dead fires at night in winter, and resolutely rectify the blockage of passageway exits and the “wrong time system” 1llegal use of fire and electricity, illegal parking and charging of electric vehicles and other security risks. At the same time, we should continue to carry out in-depth safety management of non coal mines, tailings “sick reservoirs”, high-temperature molten metal, metallurgical gas, limited space operations, and other industries, such as railway, civil aviation, special equipment, construction, gas, fishing vessels, and electric heating, and carry out targeted safety special rectification in combination with the actual situation, so as to strictly prevent accidents< Fourth, strengthen on duty, strengthen emergency response and disposal. All regions, relevant departments and units shall formulate and improve emergency plans, work manuals and guarantee mechanisms for various accidents, formulate special emergency disposal plans for key regions, key units and major projects, and keep watch on the scene of major activities, increase sentries and pre rescue forces. 1t is necessary to improve the emergency linkage mechanism of departments to form an overall force. 1t is necessary to urge all kinds of production and business units to improve the emergency plan, strengthen emergency drills, reserve emergency materials and equipment, strengthen the construction of full-time and part-time rescue teams, master the basic essentials of emergency disposal and basic skills of on-site rescue, and play the role of the first on-site emergency disposal. 1t is necessary to strengthen the emergency duty, strictly implement the system of leaders on duty, 24-hour duty of important posts and information reporting, and ensure the smooth communication of non on duty personnel and follow the instructions at any time. Emergency rescue teams at all levels, such as work safety and fire fighting, should strengthen military training and preparation, keep the state of emergency at all times, ensure the first time response and disposal in case of danger, minimize the impact of losses, and ensure social security and stability< 5. Strengthen safety publicity and education to enhance the safety awareness and ability of the whole people. All regions should attach great importance to the work of safety publicity and education, highlight the leading role of publicity and education, enrich grassroots safety publicity teams such as streets and village committees (neighborhood committees), and carry out in-depth "seven enters" activities (enter enterprises, enter schools, enter organs, enter communities, enter rural areas, enter families, and enter public places). We should make full use of radio, blackboard newspapers, brochures, mainstream media, portal websites, outdoor media, mobile 1nternet and other publicity positions, increase the education of public safety knowledge, and widely publicize the safety knowledge of electricity and gas, fire control, transportation, fireworks, high-rise buildings, schools, public places and common sense of escape and self-help, Focus on exposure of typical accident cases, improve public safety awareness and risk avoidance and disaster reduction skills. All kinds of production and business operation units should highlight the key post operators, strengthen the safety training of all staff, and further improve the emergency response ability of all staff to control risks, eliminate hidden dangers and effectively deal with the initial dangerous situation< Office of Safety Committee of the State Council November 8, 2018

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