The overall domestic sales situation of Wenling shoes industry in the first half of the year is not optimistic

it is understood that all Wenling shoe enterprises undertaking foreign trade business this year have extremely sufficient orders. The minimum order production plan can reach July and August, and the maximum is November, with an average growth of more than 15%. 1n the face of such a hot foreign trade market, we are surprised at the same time, we can not help but ask: what is the reason for the success of Wenling shoes export this year? We can see a clear picture from a series of statistics. According to statistics, from January to June this year, the number of large-scale entrepreneurs in Wenling rose to 353, with an output value of 4.527 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.61%; The output value of the city’s shoe industry was 12.8 billion, up 14.3% from 11.2 billion in 2009; The output reached 650 million pairs, a year-on-year increase of 30%; The export volume was 437 million US dollars, up 25.1% year on year. However, behind these bright growth rates, we find that Wenling shoe industry is experiencing the double test of ice and fire: the export situation is very good, and the domestic sales are extremely difficult< 1n the first half of this year, the output value reached more than 30 million yuan, and the order production plan has reached September. The order volume of Eastern Europe alone has increased by 30%. The original production line is far from being satisfied. 1n order to complete the task as scheduled, Zhengbiao has set up two branches outside. 1n the face of our questions, general manager Xia Nianzu analyzed: first, after the financial crisis, the purchasing power of global consumers has declined, and the demand for low-cost products has increased, while Wenling shoes are filling the space of low-end shoes in the international market with its low price advantage. Second, during the financial crisis, foreign dealers cleared their positions in panic. After more than a year of market digestion, inventory is almost zero. When the economy gradually improved, they began to replenish a lot. Of course, the main reason is that in recent years, the production technology and materials of Wenling shoe industry are being innovated, and the overall quality is improving. The shoe industry has formed a regional brand advantage of low and medium price and high quality. Originally in Dongguan, Jinjiang and other underground single international trading companies have quietly turned to Wenling. His words have been confirmed by many senior managers such as fudelung shoes “in addition to the different materials, Wenling shoes are almost the same as Jinjiang shoes and Wenzhou shoes. Some customers said that some of my shoes are better than Anta’s To this end, he cited several examples. The glue is environmental friendly water-based glue of 800 yuan per barrel imported from Taiwan; The vamp material was increased from low peel strength to medium peel strength; 1n order to increase the wear resistance of the sole, the wear-resistant agent is added. From the material alone, the cost of each pair of shoes increased by 1-2 yuan the refinement of cold bonding process is also the embodiment of Wenling shoes quality improvement” 1n the past, only 10 processes were needed in the process of forming, but now it has to be subdivided into 15 processes. ” Li Dinghai, the boss of Taizhou Feiying shoes industry, said. 1n order to ensure that each pair of finished products are perfect, Feiying specially set up a quality management department, once a day, strictly control the quality “if the process is not refined and the quality is not high, the goods can not be shipped.” When interviewing Chen Ronggao, chairman of Zhejiang Rongshi industry, he said this with deep experience. 1n 2003, Rongshi received the first order exported to Japan. Before leaving the factory, he found that some of the products had the problem of asymmetric plaid pattern of two vamps. Mr. Chen picked up the scissors and cut 17 pairs in front of the staff” 1t’s better to lose 80000 yuan than to let a pair of unqualified shoes leave the factory. ” Mr. Chen’s move has set up a product quality warning line among the employees of Rongshi. Since then, there has never been a similar situation in the shoes of Rongshi company. At present, the company operates well, not only making shoes, but also making bags. 1n the first half of the year, the output value has reached more than 60 million this kind of business philosophy that regards quality as the life of an enterprise has been resonated by more and more people with insight in the shoe industry. The quality of Wenling shoes industry is constantly improved with their active efforts, and the market reputation is also spreading more and more widely at the same time, the data released by Taizhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau can also confirm that refined technology and high quality have made Wenling shoes export a good situation. 1n the first half of the year, the export market of Wenling footwear industry changed from the Middle East and Africa markets which only seek the lower price, the better to the European, American and Korean markets which pay attention to quality. The export of central and South America increased by 35.8%, the United States by 29.6% and the European Union by 13.8%; The price of shoes also increased from the original average of $2.44/pair to $2.91/pair abnormal weather and blind follow-up lead to the decline of domestic market the East, North and Hengfeng of Wenling are the main producing areas of domestic shoes. Hengfeng and Hengshi Road, which do domestic business door-to-door, can be described as the “barometer” of Wenling shoes domestic market. 1n the past, it was bustling with cars and horses, but in the first half of this year, there were few” By the middle of June, the total sales volume of shoes was less than 20000 pairs. 1f the weather changes again in the second half of the year, we’ll be dead. ” There is a person in charge of the enterprise worried to the author. His worries represent the mood of most domestic enterprises of the more than 6000 footwear enterprises in Wenling, domestic enterprises account for about 60%, of which more than 80% are small workshops. Relying on the weather, following suit and low price competition are the fundamental points for them to base themselves on the market. No need for independent research and development, to see whose shoes sell well, to buy a copy on the line; You don’t need to have your own brand, just go to the famous brand. For them, making money is the last word. They can’t lead the market trend, they will always follow blindly. Because the technical content of shoes is not high, only the market leader can make money. For example, in blizzard in the north at the end of last year, the enterprises producing cotton shoes and snow boots made a lot of money, but the enterprises following suit were in a serious dilemma of product hoarding in the first half of this year, the capricious weather gave these small factory owners a fatal blow. 3. April was originally the peak season for net shoes and sandals sales, but this year there was heavy rain and snow in the north and cold spring in the south” This spring, the weather is like a roller coaster. Take off your cotton shoes and put on your sandals. ” 1t completely disrupts the listing order of the original types of shoes, making shoe enterprises unable to adapt and keep up with the pace of market popularity. A large number of well-made shoes are overstocked in the warehouse, but the shoes urgently needed by customers are too late to make however, there are quite a few domestic enterprises which are opposite to the depression. 1n the first half of the year, some large-scale enterprises, which are preparing for a rainy day and carrying out brand operation, not only have their products sold well, but also their product quality has been praised by customers. Some enterprises’ products are in short supply. Fudelong in the east of the city, Feiying in the north of the city, bike, Wenqiao’s green apple, Hengfeng’s rich star, mingle and other shoe industries are among the best. 1n the first half of the year, the output of flying eagle was more than 1.8 million pairs, with an output value of 60 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20%. President Li Dinghai attributed these achievements to the business philosophy of “prospering the enterprise with quality and prospering the enterprise with brand”. A few years ago, flying eagle began its radical innovation. The factory was moved from the original leased land to a new factory area of 11 mu; Register the “exclusive dragon” trademark, and employ Shi Lei, who plays the role of little Kangxi in the TV series “Lu Ding Ji”, as the image spokesperson for brand operation; Constantly improve the internal management system, strengthen quality supervision; Strengthen independent development and develop more than 100 new varieties every year; 1mage packaging, set up stores

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