the parrot flies over the flat laser beam with goggles

thanks to Obi Wan Kenobi, a parrot with goggles, scientists can confirm how little people know about biological flight

researchers intend to find out such a problem that has always been a difficulty in their field but has never been tested: the three most commonly used methods used to calculate how much force a flying or winged animal needs to use to make its body rise continuously are often contradictory and inaccurate

for their research, they spent months training parrots to fly up and down from their perches, passing through a flat vertical laser projection surface formed by a cylindrical lens. Does that sound dangerous? Please don’t worry, Obi has a pair of 3D printing technology customized goggles for safety protection, and the laser itself is harmless

why use laser? Because the team needed to look at a vortex in three dimensions, a tiny air tornado caused by the flapping wings of birds in flight. The researchers set up 12 high-speed cameras around the parrot’s 1-meter flight path to record obi’s velocity, wake flow and vortex path

scientists published their amazing discovery in the online edition of bioinspiration and bionics: the vortex was broken down in a disorderly way in the blink of an eye. To be more accurate, it took about 100 milliseconds. What they observed from the video did not agree with the results calculated by the three equations< The results of the two equations always underestimate the takeoff energy. However, when the continuous camera clearly shows that the bird is still flapping its wings in the air, another equation always comes to the result of zero value which means free fall. These findings will help researchers develop better flying robots. At the same time, you should thank Obi, or you should give him an extra reward: his favorite fresh broccoli(Zhang Zhang)

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