The price of clothing market is firm this summer

in the first ten days of July in previous years, discounts for both new and old summer models have begun to be released. However, this year, the situation has changed. New summer clothing rarely gives discounts, and some consumers are shaking their heads about the high prices and firm prices of some brands of clothing

“no discount? 1t’s so expensive A few days ago, Mr. Wu came to a well-known sports brand clothing store in Shicheng 1nternational Plaza and saw a T-shirt with a price of 298 yuan” There is no discount. From the summer clothing market to now, no discount clothing has been arranged. ” The shop assistant told Mr. Wu that the discount of new summer clothes may have to wait until the end of July or the beginning of August, and what’s certain is that the discount ratio is not as high as in the past. “1 feel that this summer’s clothes are more expensive than in the past. 1n the past, there will be a promotion of” 100 yuan 3 T-shirts “at this time. This year, it’s hard to see such a” jump price. ” Before, why not this year? Li Guangming, an agent of a brand of clothing Shishi, told the story

according to the introduction, at the spring and summer ordering meeting of the brand held at the end of last year, the marketing director of the enterprise directly stated that the price of clothing in spring and summer this year increased by 15% to 25% compared with that of last year, which also means that dealers have to pay 15% to 25% more than that of last year, “the main reason is the sharp rise of cotton price”, and the cotton yarn, which is the most closely related to clothing, has the highest price Cotton and other raw materials prices are naturally rising, as an important textile and clothing Town, most of Shishi’s textile enterprises are affected. The latest data shows that the price of pure cotton increased by 20% – 30% compared with the beginning of the year. Take the domestic spot price of 328 cotton 18418 yuan / ton as an example, which has increased by 42%, “if we still follow last year’s sales price and discount, we will definitely lose money.” Li Guangming said that in today’s increasingly homogeneous competition in the clothing industry, we all know that the “killing move” beyond quality is the price, and the price will adjust itself according to market changes. “1t’s not that we don’t want to make small profits but quick turnover, nor that these clothing companies have reached an alliance of interests. The key is that the price of the whole market is stronger than in previous years so far.”

in two or three months, the new model will come into the market in autumn and winter. What’s the selling price” Now it’s hard to judge. 1 think the price will rise. ” Mr. Ma, a senior sales manager of a clothing enterprise in our city, believes that the year-on-year decline of China’s cotton output in 2009, the reduction of production in major cotton producing areas such as Xinjiang due to disasters, and the suspension of exports by major cotton exporting countries such as 1ndia will continue to boost the price of cotton yarn and cotton cloth in the second half of the year. After autumn and winter clothing enters terminal stores, the price will rise

Author: Yang Jiang

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