The promise of “red uniform”

On April 27, Hu Xuewei, the safety officer of Dalian Project Department of the seventh construction company, dressed in a red uniform as usual, took the shuttle bus to the scene with the four in one gas detector, and started a busy day’s work. 1n the project department, Hu Xuewei, who has 10 years of on-site work experience, is mainly responsible for the safety management of MTBE site in the old plant area of Dalian Petrochemical Company. He runs to each operation point every day to supervise the safety of construction and production

early in the morning, Hu Xuewei arrived at the construction site on time. After checking everyone’s clothes and wearing conditions of labor protection appliances, he began to patrol the factory. Hu Xuewei said: “the MTBE plant revamp is the first shutdown revamp project of Dalian Petrochemical Company. 1t is highly dangerous, and the safety supervision is very difficult. We are also under great pressure.” At the beginning of the year, the project department analyzed the construction risks in each area and formulated corresponding management countermeasures. The 32 page HSE plan was detailed and made a comprehensive and accurate analysis of the foreseeable construction difficulties and dangerous points. Safety has become the top priority of engineering construction

“fasten the helmet!” Hu Xuewei kindly reminded the construction personnel who were preparing for the operation. Hu Xuewei implements “six steps of safety” in safety management, namely observation, praise, discussion, communication, inspiration and thanks. He thinks that the attitude of the safety officer in the work is very important. As a friend, reminding can arouse the favor and resonance of the other party

in MTBE plant area, Hu Xuewei inspected 55 ground wells and 36 blind plates every day and made records. At the same time, he had to go up and down the 60 meter high tower five or six times. When Hu Xuewei found problems during the inspection, he reminded them on the spot and supervised them to rectify immediately before leaving

it began to drizzle, and the construction personnel of the project department returned to the camp after finishing their work, but the excavation of underground pipe trench did not stop. Hu Xuewei stayed behind to continue to supervise the earth moving operation, let the rain water pour, and still stuck to his job

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