The qualified rate of shoes in Gansu Province is 96.5%

recently, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Gansu Province announced the results of sampling inspection of footwear products in the province. The qualified rate of product sampling inspection was 96.5%, an increase of 10.6 percentage points compared with the same period last year

in accordance with the inspection requirements of the implementation rules for regular supervision and inspection of shoe product quality, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau mainly carries out the inspection on the overall appearance, upper surface, main heel, Baotou, accessories, heel, bonding, Gouxin, outsoles, hem and mouth, outsoles, dimensions, peel strength of upper and sole, length of abrasion mark, folding resistance of finished shoes The bending stiffness of the hook center and 16 indexes of the mark are tested

the inspection results show that: first, there are two batches of unqualified products. The standard requires that the deviation ratio of two shoes should be controlled within a certain range, but the inspection found that the batch of products did not meet the national standard. 1f the deviation is greater than the deviation, the consumer will feel uncomfortable when wearing shoes; Second, one batch of products failed to pass the peeling strength. The standard requirement is not less than 40n / cm, but the lowest value is 31 ~ 38n / cm. Because the peel strength of the upper and sole is an index to detect the bonding strength between the sole and the upper, if the peel strength is not up to the standard, the leather shoes are easy to open, which affects the wearing; Third, there are two batches of products with unqualified wear scar length

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