the real reason why inferior safety net products flood the market

There is a market for inferior safety net, which leads the production and distribution enterprises to purchase inferior products in order to reduce costs and pursue high profits; No matter in the source of production, operation and circulation channels, construction sites, the government regulatory departments fail to fully supervise, resulting in poor quality products flooding the market. 1n order to reduce the construction cost, regardless of the life safety of construction workers, some construction enterprises use dense mesh construction safety net products with good quality produced by regular enterprises at the low level of the construction site to cope with the safety inspection of relevant departments The upper layer uses a lot of cheap and poor quality dense mesh

(2) unlicensed products take advantage of the low price and are promoted by salesmen on the construction site. They often use the expired production license just right, or falsely use other people’s copy of the license and related procedures to deceive the user. 1n addition to the real problem, it is very difficult to find the responsible person

(3) many construction safety net manufacturers determine production by sales and quality by price, regardless of the user’s usage. 1n order to meet the market demand, some manufacturers produce two or even a variety of products with large quality differences, and have safety nets that meet international standards to meet the needs of the regular market; 1n terms of the cost of dense mesh construction safety net, the raw material price of HDPE is now 23000 yuan / T. in addition to the cost of flame retardant, water, electricity and labor, the cost of each net is at least 50 yuan, But on the market partial net buries 20-30 Yuan directly, but also has 10 yuan following net. Some enterprises use good product qualification certificates to cope with the inspection of quality inspection, safety supervision and Construction Commission departments at all levels, while the products that fail to pass the inspection are temporarily marked with small brands of defective products or processed products, and the product labels are still marked with qualification certificates, resulting in high qualification rate of sampling inspection and certificate replacement inspection by relevant departments, and poor quality of safety nets in use in the market

to sum up, this is the reason why inferior safety nets exist in the market. 1f users want to buy construction safety nets with appropriate price and guaranteed quality, they should make a comprehensive investigation and select reliable manufacturers of construction safety nets

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