The reason for the price rise of latex has finally been found!

This year’s latex price is against the sky! Along with the labor protection industry, especially the price rise of gloves and safety shoes, dealers have no profit margin to follow. The two mountains of labor shortage and rising raw materials also make manufacturers suffer

February was originally the off-season of latex sales, but the rising price tide at the end of last year seemed to make the price of latex inflection point. The price of latex, which should have fallen, rose instead of falling, and made great progress all the way. During the Spring Festival, it once stood at 2100 US dollars, 18500 RMB; Barreled is standing on the RMB 19500 a ton, a new record

in the three months from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, the price of latex has doubled compared with the same period last year. Why? China labor insurance network Xiaobian answers your questions

a large number of rubber farmers abandoned in the country of origin and the adverse effects of climate factors are the main reasons for the soaring price of latex

it will take at least 1-2 months to recover rubber tapping in Tainan affected by flood. The favorable factors brought by the floods in southern Thailand shorten the difference between the north and the south. 1t is reported that Thailand’s south and North latex prices have been flat to 93 baht per kilogram

as the largest rubber producing area in the world, Thailand’s rubber production is expected to decrease by 7.6% in 2017 due to the flood impact on the main rubber producing areas. The deciduous season in Thailand, Malaysia and 1ndonesia generally lasts from February to May. 1n view of the approaching deciduous season, relevant industry insiders said that the current Chinese market demand is stable, and the rubber price is expected to remain high until April

in addition, the injection of some capital also exacerbated the crazy growth of rubber prices. According to a Japanese analyst, there was a round of speculation on rubber in China in January. The supply was quite tight and the demand of downstream enterprises was gradually rising, which is likely to further push up the price of rubber. 1n the past four months, China’s investors with heavy money have been frantically investing in the rubber market, which has doubled the price of rubber

the emergence of any phenomenon is not driven by a single event. The seemingly small dynamics of an industry or even the whole industry chain will affect a large number of enterprises. 1t’s not too much to describe the current labor insurance industry with “a few happy and a few sad”. We have to wait and see what the trend is in the later stage. China labor insurance network will continue to update the most cutting-edge information for you

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