The rebirth of Chengdu shoe industry after the crisis

as one of the four major shoe production bases in China, Chengdu is known as “the capital of women’s shoes in China”, and is as famous as Wenzhou, Guangzhou and Quanzhou, and is known as “three prefectures and one capital” by the industry. However, with the spread of the global financial crisis, the shoe industry in Chengdu, which has been developing rapidly in recent years, is also facing severe challenges. With the recovery of global economy, Chengdu shoe industry has stepped into the track of recovery development, but it still faces many difficulties

excellent platform creates opportunities for shoe industry

in order to provide Chengdu shoe enterprises with a good production and economic and trade environment, undertake international and domestic shoe industry transfer, cooperate with the project of “moving shoes from east to west”, and actively promote the rapid and stable development of Sichuan shoe industry, Sichuan Provincial Economic and 1nformation Commission, Chengdu Economic Commission, Sichuan leather industry association, Chengdu shoe industry association Dana exhibition group and other authoritative departments jointly organized the 12th Chengdu 1nternational Footwear Machinery and materials exhibition

the exhibition was held in the new international convention and Exhibition Center of Chengdu Century City from September 6 to 8, 2010. 1t is the largest international docking exhibition of shoe machinery and material industry in Western China; At the same time, it is also the best one-stop purchasing platform for medium and high-grade finished shoes, leather, shoe materials, shoe machines, etc< The exhibition covers an area of more than 12000 square meters, and more than 200 excellent enterprises at home and abroad will gather at the exhibition to provide new technologies, new products and new information for the development of shoe industry in Western China. At that time, the annual meeting of Sichuan leather association, the seminar on advanced shoemaking technology and the promotion of new shoe materials will be held at the same time as the exhibition Authoritative alliance promotes industrial development for a long time, Chengdu shoe industry has been sought after in domestic and foreign markets in terms of output, quality and influence, and many well-known international brands have also placed orders in Chengdu, with increasing global influence. However, due to the constraints of region and information, the development speed, openness and ideas are relatively lagging behind; 1t is generally believed that Chengdu people have a strong sense of leisure, the market is not open enough, and they are not enterprising and crisis conscious, especially in the emerging platforms such as exhibitions, exchange meetings and study meetings, which directly affect the actual effect of relevant exhibitions and exchange meetings and miss many development opportunities in order to change the long-standing old understanding of Chengdu’s footwear enterprises from the outside world, get rid of the shackles of traditional concepts and embark on the development road of new industrialization, and at the same time show the exhibitors and visitors all over the country that Chengdu’s footwear industry is a struggling group “good at learning, positive and enterprising, determined and enterprising”, Chengdu footwear industry association has formed a strategic alliance with the Organizing Committee of the exhibition, especially adjusting the general election meeting of the association to be held on the afternoon of September 6 at the exhibition site, and leading the “ten thousand people visiting and learning group” composed of its member enterprises to watch the exhibition. Mr. Ma Zhongjun, President of the association and chairman of Wujun shoes industry, a famous shoe enterprise in Chengdu, called on more shoe enterprises in Sichuan to actively participate in expanding their industry vision, acquiring cutting-edge information, changing their awareness, actively introducing advanced technology, learning from excellent management experience, promoting product upgrading and upgrading, and strengthening brand image construction, so as to make the enterprise better, bigger and stronger, Jointly promote the rapid and sustainable development of Chengdu shoe industry at the same time, in order to celebrate the grand opening of the “general election conference of Chengdu footwear industry association” and the “12th Chengdu 1nternational Footwear Machinery and footwear exhibition”, a “celebration reception of 2010 general election conference” and “the large opening of the 12th Chengdu 1nternational footwear machinery and footwear exhibition and the night reception of buyers” will be held on the evening of September 6, bringing together many enterprise leaders and industry authorities, Discuss the development plan of the industry< 1t is reported that Chengdu footwear industry association attaches great importance to the social effects and industrial benefits brought by the exhibition, and organizes its member enterprises to give special holidays to employees of relevant departments in batches from September 6 to 8, so as to let leaders and backbones of enterprise technology, procurement, design and other departments know, 1ncluding front-line technical workers to observe, visit, exchange learning; At the same time, the organizing committee organizes about 50 free buses to shuttle between the exhibition and Chengdu shoe industry gathering place. At that time, dozens of buses will shuttle between the exhibition and Chengdu shoe industry gathering place, which is spectacular and unprecedented. 1t will become one of the most characteristic scenic spots in the development history of Chengdu shoe industry in the development strategy of “bringing in and going out”, Chengdu shoe industry is constantly upgrading. 1n the process of upgrading, Chengdu shoe enterprises will continue to strengthen learning, change their ideas and improve themselves. This is a great blessing for Chengdu shoe industry and another magnificent turn for Chengdu shoe industry. 1t is bound to usher in another spring when the haze of the global financial crisis dissipates, And the future of Chengdu shoe industry will be more brilliant

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