the relationship between supply and demand of spandex may deteriorate, and the military and police protection market will be developed in the future

According to the record of investor relations activities disclosed by Taihe new materials on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Thursday, the supply and demand situation of the company’s main product spandex industry was 640000-650000 tons in 2015. From the perspective of apparent demand, it was about 400000 tons. The direct export volume of spandex was 30000-40000 tons. The supply exceeded demand. This year, there are still other manufacturers with new production capacity of 480000 tons, and the supply-demand relationship may deteriorate again

in the future, the company will focus on protection to expand the market and cake. Our focus is on the military and police. The company has more than 40 projects in cooperation, and then the industrial protective clothing. Originally, it was basically a blank spot. Now we are negotiating with some companies, and the other is the military and police projects

this record form is the record of this investigation released by C1CC after its on-site investigation on the company on October 27

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