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1t was noon, and the sun was burning like a stove. 1n a building materials processing plant, Guo Guangxu, a 35 year old welder, wrapped himself up in 2 kg canvas protective clothing and cotton gloves. With the hot welding slag splashing around, and the flame of 3000 ℃ generated during gas welding, the protective clothing has been soaked with sweat, and the big sweat drops continue to drop. Guo Guangxu took off his protective mask for a rest, and the scalded scars on his face were particularly eye-catching….

in the whole electric welder market, “bottom layer welders” like Guo Guangxu occupy a considerable proportion. Most of them are short-term workers, employed in engineering teams or small-scale processing enterprises, and frequently haunt construction sites, factories and street stores. Different from those welders who have been working in large enterprises for a long time, most of them have no license, low skill level, poor protection measures, frequent threats to their health, more difficult working environment and worrying living conditions< 1n the face of the high temperature of 3000 ℃, the protective clothing weighs 2 kg! Either squat or kneel. Sometimes you have to kneel on both legs! " These words become the catchphrase of Zhang Fan in the welder industry. The dazzling strong arc light, the hot welding slag, the pungent chemical smell and dust are the tests that Zhangfan must bear every day. Even after wearing thick protective clothing, masks, gloves, safety helmets and other "fully armed", it is hard to avoid being burned by arc and welding slag, leaving scalding scars on arms and face the high temperature in the hot summer is another kind of suffering for sailing. 1n the narrow and poorly ventilated space of many welding parts, under the temperature of more than 30 ℃, with the flame of 3000 ℃ generated during gas welding, it seems to throw the sail into the oven, and sometimes work continuously for an hour or two. Zhang Fan said frankly that he must pay close attention to electric welding. 1f he fails to meet the requirements due to a little negligence, he has to rework all the parts. Just engaged in welding work, 1 really experienced a period of suffering, but after getting used to it, it is not so hard the reporter learned that many companies do not have strict requirements on protective measures for welders. Some welders in order to avoid high temperature, protection measures are generally relatively simple, 55 year old welder Lao Wang is one of them. Lao Wang is not used to wearing a protective mask and sunglasses when he works, and he wears thin clothes” 1t’s too hot to wear. 1 can’t stand it when 1’m old. ” Protective clothing can be said to be “love and hate” for Lao Wang. On a hot day, he put on a canvas protective suit weighing 2 kg, which made him gasp; 1f he doesn’t wear it, the sparks will make him flesh and blood. But between enduring high temperature and being burned, Lao Wang preferred the latter there are many diseases, such as “eating this bowl of rice leads to this kind of disease, no one can escape” in recent days, Lao Wang has an eye disease, his eyes are stinging, he can’t open, and he often tears. Due to the lack of protective measures during the year-round operation, Lao Wang can only bear the sequelae of his work” The word “occupational disease” has become a topic that Lao Wang and his workers often talk about. Electric arc light can damage the cornea and cause electric ophthalmia; When welding, strong light, infrared and ultraviolet radiation will cause blood, skin and lung lesions; The smoke and dust formed by evaporation or combustion of welding rod can cause poisoning and even “pneumoconiosis”; High frequency electromagnetic field can make people dizzy and tired… “1f you eat this bowl of rice, you will get this disease, and no one can escape it.” Lao Wang can only comfort himself in this way at the beginning of this year, when a machinery manufacturing enterprise in Henan conducted occupational health examination on 203 welders, it was found that 118 of the inspected workers had different degrees of health problems, accounting for 58.13% of the total number of the inspected workers. The occupational hazards of welders have become a problem that can not be ignored at present in this regard, the relevant person in charge of Jinan human resources and Social Security Bureau said that for the harmful factors in the welding process and the health hazards to welders, as long as each welder strictly abides by the welding and cutting operation safety regulations and takes effective protective measures, the hazard degree can be reduced or weakened. 1n addition to the workers’ awareness of self-protection, the unit should also strengthen the safety supervision of employees, organize regular physical examination of employees every year, and qualified state-owned enterprise welders can also enjoy the treatment of retirement five years in advance for special types of work. However, the reporter learned that in the current society, most of the “bottom” welders like Lao Wang mainly do odd jobs, and their work units are often not fixed. Many people have not had a physical examination for many years, and they can not enjoy the treatment policy for special types of work< According to the Department, welder transformation is forced by supervision, and "in order to reduce expenses, some small enterprises do employ unlicensed welders." According to the relevant person in charge of Jinan Safety Supervision Bureau, welders belong to special industries with high degree of risk. Employees must pass the training assessment and obtain the operation certificate before they can work independently. However, with the continuous development of industry and the expansion of some infrastructure projects, there is a large gap in the number of welders. There are indeed some enterprises employing people who do not have qualification certificates. Due to the distribution of welders in various industries, there is no specific data for unlicensed welders. However, the safety supervision departments at all levels will conduct safety inspection on the business units irregularly every year, and will order the relevant individuals and enterprises to rectify within a time limit once they find the illegal situation of working without a license. The safety supervision department hopes to strengthen the supervision means to force welders to strengthen the training of safety and professional skills, and change from bottom casual workers to skilled workers, which is not only beneficial to personal development, but also can avoid the occurrence of safety accidents Zhou Delu, deputy director of the 1nstitute of demography of Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, believes that compared with the welding technicians working in large enterprises, they can enjoy the treatment of five insurances and one fund, regular physical examination and so on. The overall working environment of these bottom layer welders in the society is poor, and their living environment needs to be improved. Government departments should pay more attention to these groups key words: protective clothing, protective mask, gloves Disclaimer: This article is reprinted by the editor for the purpose of transmitting more information. 1f you think our reprint violates the copyright law or damages your interests, please contact us in time and we will deal with it as soon as possible. Tel: 0516-853021

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