the reporter witnessed the treatment of h7n9 avian influenza patients: two layers of protective clothing were discarded when they were taken off

in recent days, 19 cases of h7n9 avian influenza have been confirmed in Hubei Province, including Wuhan, which has aroused many people’s concerns. Yesterday, the reporter came to the designated hospital for the treatment of avian influenza, the municipal medical treatment center, to directly attack the medical staff and spare no effort to treat the patients

the reporter of Changjiang Daily entered the intensive care unit. The 1CU was quiet, tense and orderly. All kinds of instruments maintained and recorded the vital signs of patients. More than 30 medical staff worked in their posts for at least four hours at a station. There are medical staff 24 hours closely watching the data on the equipment, once found abnormal changes, at any time to respond

when entering the 1CU, medical staff wear two layers of protective clothing, one layer is disposable light blue conventional protective clothing, and another layer is white and red line isolation clothing. They also need to wear N95 mask, eye mask, protective gloves, etc., which have the strongest barrier ability< At 8:30 am, nurse Feng Di entered the 1CU. She should collect the secretion of the throat of patients, turn over for patients every two hours, scrub the whole body for patients once a day, keep the skin clean, and observe the condition at any time a male patient weighing 100 kg needs to turn over. Feng Di and seven other medical staff work together. There are more than ten tubes inserted on the patient. The medical staff are careful not to aggravate the patient’s pain, and maintain the normal operation of the instrument. Under the airtight protective clothing, Feng Di felt wet through nearly 12:00, Feng Di went out of the 1CU to change shifts, two layers of protective clothing were taken off and discarded, and the vest of daily work clothes left a whole sweat stain” Everyone is like this. ” She said the medical staff entering 1CU develop the habit of not drinking water. 1f you drink water and go to the toilet, you have to change clothes, which is troublesome and time-consuming, and then you want to save expensive protective equipment< According to Huang Chaolin, director of the medical department of the municipal medical treatment center, there is no evidence that h7n9 virus can be transmitted from person to person. But in order to control infection and transmission, protection is two-way, not only to protect medical staff, but also to protect the weak patients from the invasion of external bacteria since January 11, the first case of h7n9 was admitted, and the number of patients has been increasing. As a member of the expert group on the treatment of human infection with h7n9 avian influenza in our province, Huang Chaolin has never had a rest. Wu Wenjuan, director of 1CU, stayed in the hospital for six consecutive days during the Spring Festival. When she went downstairs, she was fatigued and fell. She said it is normal for medical staff not to rest during the Spring Festival it is understood that all the patients sent to the hospital are critically ill patients. After stable rescue, if no virus is found in nucleic acid test, they will be transferred to the general ward. At present, two patients have been cured and discharged, and more patients are expected to be cured and discharged “compared with the past, the rescue of critically ill patients has made great progress, and more advanced rescue equipment such as artificial membrane lung has been used, so we are confident to deal with the epidemic situation.” Huang Chaolin said yesterday, the medical staff of Wuhan Medical Treatment Center spared no effort to rescue h7n9 avian influenza patients, photographed by reporter Guo liangshuo reminder < Yesterday, the reporter learned that all h7n9 patients currently treated in the municipal medical treatment center have been exposed to poultry to varying degrees Huang Chaolin, director of the medical department of the hospital, reminded that the public should first strengthen prevention. 1f they have flu symptoms such as fever, sore, cough, etc., and have contacted poultry at the same time, they must see a doctor in time and tell the doctor the history of the disease according to the current treatment requirements of our city, medical staff who meet these two requirements will use antiviral drugs as soon as possible. Early detection and early treatment is better, try to avoid the development of critical illness(Reporter Liu ruiche, correspondent Li Jie)

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