The rising price of shoe materials makes consumers balk at new shoes

recently, Miss Qian, who is shopping for autumn shoes in a shopping mall, said: this year’s autumn shoes are much more expensive. She spent a whole day shopping at the weekend, but she didn’t choose the right autumn shoes. Even after a discount, the prices of the shoes are more expensive than last year. Tianhong shopping mall a counter staff also said: “this autumn shoes really increased prices.” The leather shoes of all brands have increased by at least 10%

this autumn, the price of shoes starts at 700.

in tianmeiyi counter, a pair of coffee colored short boots, the price is 969 yuan. Miss Qian told reporters that in the past, the price of coffee boots like this was generally between 600 and 800 yuan. The same boots, in the South City Haiya hit 85% off, after the discount is 823 yuan. This means that the discounted price is almost the same as before. A pair of brown boots in Tata counter attracted Miss Qian’s attention. She saw that the price of the boots was 1599 yuan. 1n Haiya, you can get a 15% discount, and the price after the discount is 1359 yuan

in the past, the price of similar boots was about 1299 yuan, which is similar to the present discount, and even a little more expensive now

in the shoe counters of shopping malls, most of the mainstream brands in shopping malls start with a price of more than 700 yuan in autumn and winter, and shoes of about 600 yuan are rare

the price rise of shoe materials promotes the price rise of shoes

recently, Belle 1nternational, a manufacturer and marketer of famous brands such as Belle, Tata, tianmeiyi and scoto, announced that it had increased the price of its products in the first half of this year. Sheng Baijiao, the group’s chief executive, said that as the production cost will be subject to the lag pressure of leather price rise in the first half of the year and the pressure of labor cost to continue to rise, there will be no room for the gross profit rate to rise in the second half of the year. Under the influence of inflation, the annual product price will rise moderately

the increase of shoe material price is the main reason for the increase of shoe price. Huang Qingping of zhangdahe shoe material Co., Ltd. told reporters that the price of pigskin he sold has increased by 20%. The price of pigskin with one square foot was 4 yuan, but now it has increased to 4.5-4.8 yuan.

jinchengsheng shoe material industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of shoe accessories. Ding Yongzhong, general manager of jinchengsheng shoe material industry Co., Ltd., said that the profit has been reduced by 15% directly, and there is basically no profit to speak of

the old special shoes are very popular

because of the rising price of leather shoes and the prohibitive high price, consumers begin to turn their eyes to the old special shoes of previous years

“in some special stores, old shoes are sold specially, and some brand shoes will ge2.5-3% discount.” Miss Qian revealed that in a special store on the first floor of Wal Mart in Nancheng, the price of the folded boots ranges from more than 500 to more than 700, which is more affordable than the new shoes of this season

in addition, the business of some nearby shoe repair shops is also booming, “recently, many people use last year’s old shoes for beauty, such as changing heels, repairing colors and so on.” The owner of a shoe store said that business has been very good recently. He has no rest time at the end of the day and doesn’t know how many pairs of shoes he has repaired

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