The road was icy and the car rolled over. Thanks to the safety belt

Ms. Guan is from Jiangxi Province. Before the company’s holiday, the boss used the company’s car to send her and two other employees back to their hometown

this was a very happy thing, but at present, Ms. Guan can only lie in the hospital bed. Her head was injured by the impact. And this little misfortune that happened a year ago came from a section of icy road on Jianding road

Ms. Guan and her colleagues got on the bus along Jianding road. According to the plan, they will drive from north to South and go to the expressway via Shida expressway

there is a railway culvert about 60m long at Jianding Road near Shida expressway. The accident happened when the nine seater arrived here

“the car shakes up, shakes left and right for a few times, turns to the ground and slides for a long distance.” Fortunately, Ms. Guan, her colleagues and the driver all wore their seat belts. “Otherwise, they would roll in the car, and the consequences would be even more serious!”

the reason for the car rollover is that the ground on the culvert section is frozen. 1n addition to this car, three other minivans also overturned here, but only Ms. Guan was injured. However, the doctor said that Ms. Guan would be discharged after another day or two of observation

the reporter saw at the scene that this section of about 60 meters long is located at the bottom of the railway bridge, and there is no sun at all. The plastic downpipes on both sides of the railway bridge directly face the green belts on both sides of the road. Therefore, entering this section, the road is always wet. And yesterday’s lowest temperature was below zero, meeting the conditions for freezing

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