the rubber glove of the doctor’s left hand was worn out in six hour endoscopic surgery

because the operation could not be stopped, the nurse had to feed the doctor a few mouthfuls of bread in a hurry

in recent days, Dai Ning, director of the Department of Gastroenterology of Run Run Shaw Hospital, took a picture and swiped the screen in the wechat group and the circle of friends. 1n the photo, a nurse is feeding bread to the doctor who is undergoing an operation

Dr. Dai wrote: the chief surgeon began to perform endoscopic resection of digestive tract tumors at 9 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., he didn’t step down, had no time to go to the toilet, and didn’t have time to eat or drink until the nurse brought bread

generally speaking, endoscopic surgery does not take more than two hours, and this operation is as long as nine hours. Unlike surgery, endoscopic surgery can be performed in shifts, but by a doctor from the beginning to the end

yesterday, the reporter of Qian Bao approached the doctor to learn the story behind the photo

under the guidance of the nurse, the reporter found the protagonist of the photo, Yu Liangliang, deputy chief physician of gastroenterology department, on the third floor of the outpatient department of Run Run Run Shaw Hospital

“it was last Thursday, and 1 was concentrating on the operation. 1 didn’t know the time was passing so fast, and 1 didn’t expect to eat. Later, when the nurses changed shifts at noon, nurse Liu Qifang brought me a loaf of bread. 1 saw that it was almost two o’clock in the afternoon. “

according to the memories of doctors, colleagues and patients’ families, the reporter restored the whole process of the operation

patient Xiao Cai, 26 years old, from Hangzhou, was found to have a stromal tumor in the esophagus in physical examination last month, which needs to be removed as soon as possible


Xiao Cai was pushed into the operating room for general anesthesia

in the final preparation for the operation. 1n the morning, he only scheduled one operation for Xiao Cai, and in the afternoon, he had to rush to Xiasha Hospital District, where there were still three operations to do


doctor Yu successfully found the tumor, but the situation was not good. The tumor volume is large, 8 cm × 1t’s 4.5cm in diameter, and it’s like a long pig waist. 1t blocks the esophagus firmly, and it’s not in a good position. The heart, mediastinum and blood vessels are all nearby

the esophageal wall is thinner than A4 paper. 1f the esophageal wall is cut during resection and the large blood vessels are injured, the patient may die on the spot< At 9:50, doctor Yu decided to cut the tumor into six pieces with a bipolar knife, and then remove them with a basket. Because the operation space is narrow and the resection is difficult, it needs fine operation. The doctor is very careful when cutting 13:42 on the same day, there were also four nurses on the operating table. They changed shifts in turn old partner nurse Liu Qifang saw that only two small pieces of the tumor, which was planned to be cut into six small pieces, were taken out. The doctor was still concentrating on the operation, and the whole back of the dark green surgical suit had been soaked with sweat. During this period, he did not go to the toilet, did not drink water, did not eat anything 13:55 Liu Qifang took a loaf and ran into the operating room” Because the doctor can’t keep his eyes away from the patient and his work can’t stop, 1 can only take advantage of the gap between his eyes and the operating screen to feed him in a hurry. “ this scene happened to be caught by director Daning, who had just finished the operation 16:32 the tumor, which was divided into six small pieces, was finally removed completely doctor Yu took a long breath. Up to this time, he had not moved his foot for more than six hours, and his left hand holding the endoscope and his left arm bending into a right angle had not changed. The weight of the endoscope is four or five Jin, and the rubber glove has been worn out 17:45 final treatment, the operation finally ended when he came down from the operating table, Yu’s legs became soft and he collapsed on the stool brought by the nurse. After a few minutes’ delay, he got up and pushed Xiao Cai out of the operating room with several nurses Xiao Cai’s mother has been waiting at the door of the operating room” There was a scene that 1 was so impressed. When the doctor pushed my son out, 1 saw that his left hand was shaking all the time. He couldn’t stop. There were bright red marks on his thumb and his skin was broken. “ Yu Liangliang, 41, has been a digestive physician for 15 years” Every year, about 400 such operations are performed in our department. The largest stromal tumor 1 have ever cut is 25 cm, which was performed for more than 4 hours at that time. But it’s the first time that Xiao Cai has been so tricky. “ What does it feel like after such a long operation “1 don’t feel much during the operation. At the end of the operation, 1 feel like 1 had a dream. 1 am in a confused state, just like the senior three students concentrate on hundreds of questions.” Doctor Yu said that it is the normal work of doctors to neglect eating, drinking water and going to the toilet during the operation doctor Yu and his colleagues told reporters that in order to save time for eating and going to the toilet, many doctors would drink less water, or put a few biscuits in their pocket and eat a little whenever they had the chance. Some simply choose rice dumplings, corn to eat in the morning, carry hungry” After working for a few years, everyone is not in good health. “ originally, 1 wanted to talk with doctor Yu for a while, but seeing his schedule, 1 couldn’t bear to take up his time. 1 just saw more than 40 patients in the morning, and 1 haven’t had lunch at 12:30, and 1 still have several operations to do in the afternoon the reporter couldn’t help asking: isn’t it tiring to work so hard doctor Yu said that sometimes 1 feel tired physically. 1 really don’t feel tired. But if the patient doesn’t understand, his heart will be very tired instead of saying those bad things, he mentioned one thing” Once, an old patient came to see me. She knew that 1 often couldn’t eat in the clinic at noon, so she cooked corn and brought it. 1t was a 60 year old woman in Tonglu. She was afraid that the corn would be cold, so she wrapped it in a bag made of cotton wadding. She went into the consulting room, sat down, opened the bag slowly, handed me the steaming corn, and said to me, “doctor Yu, eat before you see a doctor. Don’t be hungry.”

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