The Russian fire “heats up” Yiwu mask market, delivering nearly 6 million masks a day

a continuous forest fire has made masks a necessity for Russians and triggered a wave of hot sales. A few days ago, 1 learned from an interview in Yiwu small commodity market in Zhejiang that the mask market, which was originally in the off-season, has become popular due to the forest fire in Russia. According to the statistics of market management personnel, the daily average sales of masks in recent days exceeded 6 million, most of which were sold to Moscow

in the middle of July, the continuous high temperature weather caused many forest fires in Voronezh state of Russia, with the burned area reaching 190000 hectares. The smoke and dust produced by the continuous fire has caused the pollution of ecological environment and the sharp decline of air quality in many regions of Russia. 1n particular, the Moscow area and the city of Moscow have been shrouded in thick smoke in the past two weeks. People have to wear masks when they travel, which has become a popular necessity. 1n order to meet the demand, many Russian businessmen rushed to Yiwu, Zhejiang Province to order masks

“summer was originally the off-season of mask sales, but a forest fire made it hot quickly.” On the afternoon of August 15, Wu Xuzhen, a merchant of Yiwu 1nternational Trade City, said that she had received several orders for masks from Russian customers in recent days, generally requiring 100 pieces, 5000 pieces each” Now orders in one or two days can exceed the total sales in May and June. “< According to Wu Xuzhen, most of the disposable masks purchased by purchasers are about 6 to 7 cents each. 1n order to catch up with the market, customers all require air transportation" Traditional transportation takes one month, and may not catch up with the hot sales. Air transportation only takes four or five days, so air transportation is required. " the market statistics also show that the sales of masks in Yiwu are booming. According to the statistics of market management personnel, the average daily sales volume of masks in Yiwu in recent days has exceeded 6 million, more than 5 million when H1N1 was rampant last year. But market managers believe that this sales boom will soon disappear” The hot sales caused by the fire will not last long. Once it is put out, the sales of masks will drop rapidly. “