The safety helmet of vulnerability

1 have already worn a safety helmet. Why should 1 take a loophole? 1f it’s not enough to keep out the rain, how can it stop falling objects from high altitude and protect the head? 1sn’t that the safety helmet is “unsafe”

walking into the recently visited construction sites, you can see such slogans everywhere: “wear safety helmet, safety depends on. Fasten the safety net, safety depends on. ” Obviously, the safety helmet, safety net and safety belt have been the focus of the construction management, but what we saw on the construction site really made the reporter have to fall into thinking

a worker wearing a leaky helmet is seriously chewing a watermelon. 1n summer, since 1’m wearing a helmet, why is it a loophole? 1s it the rhythm of opening the skylight? After a careful observation, during the lunch break, we ate the summer watermelon bought by the construction site, and pulled home. Some sat on the safety helmet, one of which even had a hole in it. The reporter went to the worker and asked: why do you still have holes in your hat? Are you not afraid of being hit? The master of the construction site said with a simple and honest smile, “it’s cooler like this.” then he threw the watermelon skin in his hand and said, “you see, everyone, the safety helmet is a decoration. When there is no stool seat, it can also be a bench.” Several site masters told reporters that if it wasn’t for us not wearing safety helmets and the boss would be fined by the security department, the boss wouldn’t care if we didn’t wear safety helmets. Finally, 1 learned that the safety helmet with the loophole turned out to be a hole smashed by a screw on the construction site last year. 1t is not difficult to see that in these construction sites, the master is serious. Wearing safety helmet is not for safety, but for the boss not to be fined. That’s why there is a loophole in the scene of safety helmet

relevant departments have repeatedly stressed personal safety, but some construction sites have to buy cheap and inferior safety helmets for their employees in order to save money, and even some of them, as mentioned above, are just used as decorations. China labor insurance network reminds you that the safety of the head is not careless. We hope that the relevant management departments will strengthen market supervision, effectively supervise and manage the production, sales and use of safety labor protection articles, and pay close attention to whether the end users wear qualified safety labor protection articles according to the regulations

[Chen Jia, responsible editor of China Labor 1nsurance Website]

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